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Dec 4, 2010

Treasuring Memories

There was a discussion the other day with a few of my friends as to how many words should a kid of 1.5 yrs. be speaking or maybe around 2 years what is the vocabulary developed.. Well, it is varied, like all milestones talking and talking in sentences is a big milestone too.  Some start early, some very late.. but they talk all the same when they do :).. just give them some time and a lot of one to one time to get them to open and speak up rather than panic and run around doctors is my simple advise!!

Coming to the kid, she spoke her first word or I assumed it is at 3 months.. when she started saying ammaa, ammaa... or maybe she was just cooing and that sounded like amma.. but believe me she did,so "amma" is her official first word.. gloated am I and it really does show on me till now :(((..  She has a very very thin tongue and people said that she would speak really early.. "aaku laanti naalika" this is the first thing they say when they see her tongue, which is used to bring out all the time when she was an infant.

For about a fortnight she did that and then actually stopped saying anything and just made some noises and coo sounds, nothing else.. at 6th month, we started focussing on teaching her 2 letter words and when she started, she did like "abba, debba, jabba" she used to parrot it all day long until she perfected it and made sure that everyone in the hearing vicinity knew that she actually said something :).. atta, taata.. it was..

Then it was myaw.. (yes, the cat sound).. gradually, amma, akka, taata, atta, anna.. and a lot of noises..

Now she has quite a big collection down the line.. they say 25 to 30 words is the actual milestone, so touchwood she has met it..

So, some Sreyaisms for you.

She calls me amma once softly, then a little louder and then comes a sound ......aaaniiiii... aaanniammaa

tuvvayi (cow, buffalo, calf)... moooo, bujji meka -meee, meee, Kodi/koli - kukkuroo, konga -- hhuuush
pilli - meoow,kukka - boowwwow, bujji kukka - bowooooo, chika (parrot) - rama rama
kaaka - crow, tonna (tonda), utta (squirrell) puggu (insect), doma (mosquito), eega (housefly), buttafly (butterfly), kappa (frog), tooni (dragon fly)
chanmaama (moon), Suri taata (sun), aana (rain), enda (hot), chaalla (cold), gaali (air)
aaka(aakali),neena(water),tanni(tantaa),kotti (kodata),chapaati,aam,ottaami (plain rice), bebbi (curd), guddu(egg),pappu,koora, kaamu (spicy), yummy yummy
wow!!, Baandi (it is good)
Good job, Good shot, high-five, Good Morning
Indialo putti (born in India)point and name all body parts in Telugu..

phew... I am not yet through a quarter of it.. but one thing about her is she says everything clearly.. she practices under her breath and speaks only when perfect (amazing quality).

Looks like we are past 25, so I am not bothered about anything.

She is not yet into sentences but through the words she is able to express everything clearly.. she points, makes signs, uses words and make things known.. fine for her age... maybe in fact great and I attribute it to the children she plays with all the time, they speak and she speaks with them.. i talk and she talks with me.. i sing and she sings with me... above all, she is a good mimic... 

I am not really bothered if she speaks just Telugu, in fact love it.. when she says okati, nonnu instead 1, 2.. a, aa instead of a,b.. she will learn them all in time in school for now she will know Telugu.. she knows aunt and uncle but in spite of being tongue twisting I make her use the relationship in Telugu rather than aunt or uncle... she does not really say anything big, identifies objects she sees regularly, talks and calls out people she meets, says and thinks about things she watches on TV or on the road that is it, no conscious effort to teach her anything.. she plays and she learns whatever she wants to at her own pace.  Childhood is divine and I want to let it be.. in this open environment with loads of people to spend time with her.. there are some downsides too considering I need to watch out for the language spoken in front of her but still by and large it is a win-win situation.. she speaks so much because she meets so many people and sees so many things by experience rather than by rote....

Touch-wood a kaala tika post after long.. people call her smart.. I call her lucky to be surrounded by people who take pains to teach her and feel happy when she says something.. God bless them all.


Chandu said...

So nice :)

vyjayanti said...

chala bagundi sree. nenu chalaa miss ayyana leka marichipoyana anipinchindi very nice.

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