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Jan 9, 2011

A deserving win

Finally a show that has been a vital part of my day for the past 3 monhts has come to an end and to me, personally, it was a deserving win.. Shwetha Tiwari, call her fake, call her diplomatic, call her dominating.. I have only one word her.. MOTHER... a dignified person who kept her honor throughout staying in the murk, setting an example for a lot of people.  Last year, it was Raja who was in the finals, there is a whole lot of difference in the way, 2 of them approached it.

I understand how tough it would have been for her to leave the kid out with the ever-present fear of Raja doing something and in fact, he even did create a mess when she was in; that is all her personal stuff to deal with.. but I truly applaud the way she carried herself and she deserves that prize.. she was not hypocritical in saying I would give it to charity or whatever but in stead said she would spend every single rupee on her daughter and her future.. Good luck lady!! Way to Go.

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Sireesha said...

No clue about the show. What's this about?

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