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Jan 27, 2011


In life we come across a lot of people and each person, knowingly or unknowingly leaves a mark on you.  There are times when you get support from unexpected corners and rejection from the least suspected people and that is when you sit back and ponder and then get back to life.

The past 5 years of my life have seen tremendous changes gave me experiences that can maybe amount up to five lives, brought out the worst and the best in me.  If I look at my life from a third person point of view, I would call myself a survivor and maybe even feel if I were out of my mind at times but in all it has been an amazing transformation from what I have been earlier.

I used to be so insecure searching for ways to run away from my world which is mine take it or leave it to a different place searching for happiness.  Finally, I take a break from all the running and instead looking shooing away the demons in my mind and must say have succeeded a lot.

When I respect a person it is with all my heart and when I lose it I dont even look back, it is just a blunt cut but now it does not really bother me, I dont necessarily severe all my ties with the person but I cut my mental connection and be normal.  Trust me that gives the much needed peace of mind.  The only person you can correct is yourself.  Instead of diverting my energy violently, just ignore it.

I respect elders.. or for that matter anyone up to the point they respect me, particularly when I try my best to retain it 'cos most important thing to me is to be able to respect myself and then expect anyone else to do that and trust me working at gaining my own respect is the toughest thing I had to, I still struggle but I am reaching there... I look up at people but to be able to be considered as respectable in their view, if I have to stoop down at the cost of my self respect, I really don't care..

.I like to be respected but if it is by pretension and not being my actual self or by losing my self-respect, then I prefer my self-respect...


Sandhya said...

That is a positive self-reflection, Sree. Hang in there!!
I agree with you that once you lose respect for a person you just have to keep yourself away from him/her. Not that we dont make mistakes ourselves. But we can always apologize and move on. By the way, this website may be of interest to you.

This person is a motivational speaker. I have attended his talks. You can subscribe for his articles and can receive these for free. I specially like this one:

Kalpana said...

"The only person you can correct is yourself"... very true.

అయినవోలు ప్రణవ్ said...

'to be able to respect myself and then expect anyone else to do that'

So true!

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