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Feb 4, 2011

Feels like heaven

Books, reading them takes me into another world altogether.  I am the happiest when I dig my nose into one and wander in the wonderland of imagination... it is 80% light stuff and 20% heavy reading for me.  I dont really remember how I got into reading or when that love transformed into a passion.. I just read, read, and read.. in US, books were my best friends.  There was a time when I was tested by people to actually find out if I actually read a book cover to cover or just read some summary or review and telling them that I simply read the whole book because I read with an amazing speed. The concerned person checked me by asking questions from every corner of the book taking pains to read it and then ask me the questions. Back then I took the pains to prove them that I was reading.  Come to think of it, if one were to do that to me ever again, I would never ever answer.  I dont really find the need to prove myself any longer. I AM.

You must be a book lover to appreciate one is what I feel.  I was gifted a Sony reader by relative by marriage and that is my most prized possession but it is kind of a white elephant considering the cost of the e-books.. So, I am planning to go for an upgraded version of it.. just wish something could zoom in pdf format too with the same features as in other compatible formats and give that comfort of book reading.  I am just not cut out for reading from the system. I am from the good old world of feeling and holding the book that transports me to a different world.

I read all the time, doing everything cooking, cleaning, eating every spare minute I could find earlier.  In fact, I even got some audio books back there so that I finish my chores listening to them.  A warm tub of bubble bath, some light music in the background, a book in hand uninterrupted cover to cover read is my best memory of book reading.

Back in the village, I almost finished three-quarters of the books in library but nothing really ignited the passion, it was reading for the sake of reading, nothing that I wanted to read and read, I read because that is what I had available.

Thanks to Flipkart and Evening Hour and their service at my rural doorstep, I must say I am back in my world, one that I create for myself... If you see that glow on my face, you know the reason now :). Yes, I am in love yet again with my buddies, the books.

am off to some heavy-duty reading and am loving every moment of life.. kid, work, books... my world a hassle-free one for the time being :).

I miss the days where I spent a part of my earnings for books, now am back to it... a few books every single month and then a break and now a new beginning.


HarshaBharath said...

Count me in..

sravanthi said...

nenu kuda kochem mee typee sree..aa world lo padithe bayatiki ratam kastam...kani naa prob enti ante start chesthe ayye varuku aape danni prasthuthaniki comma pettanu naa reading ki..will resume it some day..

Sireesha said...

Good for you!If you are looking for a better e-Reader, you have many low-price options now. Kobo is available for just $99. Kindle for $139. Nook too around that range. I bought my Sony 600 for $199 back in June 2010. The prices came down a few months after my purchase. :-(

Sree said...

I have a Sony Reader Sireesha, I dont quite like PDF in that one..

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