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Feb 9, 2011

Meet The Fraud

Hariprasad Kondamudi.

The person above claims himself to be a CA, ICWA or independent accounting professional or whatever is convenient to him, actually hails from a daily-wages labor background with no proper educational credentials.  He works in and around Andhra Pradesh and now trying to shift base to Gujarat.

This is a married man for 10 years with wife and two school-going children.  He has cheated another lady, unfortunately, who happens to be very well educated friend of mine who comes from a very honest and credible family and married her in 2004 in Yadagiri Gutta with his father and brother in attendance to the wedding.

He has taken all possible personal/vehicle loans on her name from all major banks, money from unsuspecting parents of the lady, sold away all the gold she had with her and has mentally harassed the lady friend of mine to the point of mental imbalance who now refuses any help from anyone and just wants to continue the life trying to change him.

If he happens to claim to be a friend or acquaintance of mine or any educated individual to get tax filing projects, etc., it is just another of his schemes, so please do not give in to it.  We had suspicions all through but the facts came to light just a few days ago.

I was contemplating publishing this for a while but it is high time I did that as we perceive a threat to the lady's life who just wants to stay put with him no matter what.  After all the efforts, I sadly dissociate myself from her.

BUT if anything happens to that friend of mine, I want to put it up here, he is solely responsible, be it a homicide or a suicide and I wont leave it at that!!!  I tried to shake her out of her world and make her see the reality but she wants to stay put and try and reform him in what way?? Only SHE KNOWS!!!

It is only in papers or TV channels you come across such people.  All the while, I was thinking how could people be such fools to give into such fraud's schemes but being cheated by one for years... 6 years to be precise, having suspicions but trying to trust for the sake of the friend and her sanity, now I know how it all happens.  I am perplexed at his courage to do all this.  If this could happen to an educated very highly placed family.. I don't have words.

Please, do pass it on. 


Sireesha said...

Oh my God! He seems very cunning. Good luck to your friend. I guess the reason why she still wants to be with him is her low self-esteem and confidence. It takes a lot to build those. I can empathize with her.

HarshaBharath said...

Really Sad...
I wish she fights back her way

Sree said...

@Sireesha.. precisely, she has lost confidence that she can stay without him..

Sree said...

@Harsha... I tried my level best to make her see the reason.. I even gave her my best buddy Mittu to keep her company but she is refusing to seek any help.

Sandhya said...

I think most of the times women are social conditioned to accept that their lives are incomplete without men. Most of the times, if not for themselves, most women (even educated ones) live with cheats, frauds and abusive husbands just to please their families and society. I wonder how many more years will it take for women to accept that it is perfectly normal to be abused and yet remain loyal to their abusive husbands.

May be you could advise your friend to see a psychiatrist, if she is willing to see one. It is time she realizes that the fellow is not worthy of her. Instead of sympathizing with her, I for one,would like to make her see her fault (just like you did) and increase her confidence. Her parents should take the lead in this regard, I feel.

Sandhya said...

oops, there was a mistake in my message. "I wonder how many more years will it take for women to accept that it is perfectly normal to be abused and yet remain loyal to their abusive husbands.", this sentence should have read "I wonder how many more years will woman accept that it is perfectly normal...".

Sree said...

@Sandhya, first mee commentlo aa point naaku confusion vacchindi.. mee second comment taravata adi perigindi..

Coming to my friend, I tried every possible way even telling her in my oora naatu bhasha as to her status in the so-called society that she thinks about. Yes, I am that only ani cheppesi and I want to continue like that anindi.. now I am confused whose is the worst culprit of the two.. she or him.. In spite of knowing that he is a father of two, she still wants to stay with him and expects him to stay with her 24/7 or atleast like a proper family.. I just dont know what to say..

Regarding the parents, they are totally helpless, he has isolated them from her the moment they stopped giving money. Now she is at a point where she doesnt want to even look at them for the injustice they have done to her.. what injustice, I fail to understand..

I had my doubts all through, got them cleared and when confronted he was like sorry, I did wrong, now what do you want me to do and she was like who the hell are you to ask him all this, I am happy, so be off..

alochistunte picchi peak stageki vacchestundi, so ignore modelo pettesaanu for now and maybe eventually in the DELETE and RESET life modeloki vellipotundi.. but feel sad and unfortunate.

Sandhya said...

Oh, what I meant with that point was inka enni rojulani aadavallu abuse ni bharinchadam and alaanti abusive husbands ki loyal undadam chaala normal ani bhaavistaaro teliyadu.

You did all you could to save your friend from the disgrace she is going through. It is just perfect that you are ignoring her.

Kaani from what you have written in your comment, I feel she is at fault. Now, I do not want to even bring that man into picture. Being a woman, I am trying to see why your friend wants to remain loyal to that cheat. Women like her allow men to exploit them because these men know women are emotional and would do anything to save their marriages.

However, I have known few women who did not take any nonsense from their husbands and just walked out of marriage. Whats more, they re-married and leading happy lives. Now these women are not celebrities. They are just like any one of us.

I will narrate the story of my sister's friend. It is a long one. This friend, let me call her S, got married to a teacher in our town. This teacher let us call him M, ran a residential school. S was a government teacher. So she had to travel to a village everyday. it was too much on her and she rented room in that village and visted her husband every weekend. She thought she was happy. One fine day, she thought of giving him a surprise and came home on a week day. She saw another woman in the house and it did not take her long to realise that M was cheating on her. His family members who knew the truth blamed S for being away for weekday. How could a man who ate 'uppu kaaram' control his desires? Logic bhale undi does not apply to women in our society kada. "Nee paatiki nuvvu vellipote papam atanu emi chestaadu". Now no one bothered if she was able to control her desires or not. What if she had one the same thing he did? Unfortunately, our society is more concerned about well being of men more than that of a women.

S was very angry but she did not dwell on it for too long. Upset she was, angry she was, distraught she was, but she did not lose courage. She applied for divorce, made it public that M cheated on her. M's family did not want negative publicity since the reputation of school was at stake. S was firm, she got the divorce. After a while, she married a bank employee and is now a mother of two boys. S is a daughter of a temple priest and grew up in a conservative environment. But her courage to handle the situation saw her through.

As usual, a long comment.

Sree said...

@Sandhya.. got it.. That is exactly what I feel about abusive relationships be it physical or emotional. If it hurts every single waking moment, then it is not worth it.

and yes.. she was a victim only as long as she was unaware of the existence of family and children but what is she doing now is totally unacceptable but then that is how I think personally..

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