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Feb 13, 2011

Naa Andhrapradesh

Lyricist: sahitya sagar (sa sa)
singers: anjana sowmya,sravana bargavi and pawan
Music composer: naresh
Editor : vamshi
Director: vasu
Its a product of TEAM WORKS

Andhra Pradesh Theme Song, Beauty of Andhra
Telangana, rayalaseema, Hyderabad, Andhra, Costal

Came across this beautiful video on AP, the beauty of AP, the colors and all...

konchem songlo telugu tedaagaa anipinchindi but maybe raagamloki maariste alaa ayyindo or singer telugu speaker kaado idea ledu.. but just loved this song.. this just got me out of the melancholic mood.


1 comment:

Radha said...

very nice one... thanks for sharing..

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