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Feb 21, 2011

So much of positivity...and a prodigy

Came across these 2 videos on FB again :).

I loved every bit of the byte here... the person, the positivity, the performance, the attitude, on stage, off stage support, the judges and all.. they did not make a big  fuss as to how this guy could do so much, tears, drama and stuff.. they acknowledged his talent with a lot of grace.  I loved the hosts encouragement from backstage.  To me, it signifies acceptance as being normal rather than glorifying something which is not and then showering the praise.. silent acknowledgment for the tremendous effort..

A 1-1/2 year old kid performing on stage without fear speaks for itself and she seems to be enjoying all the attention too :).  I love such prodigies but one thought always crosses my mind if the kid has taken to it by choice or was there any pressure behind it.. tough to say but these days I am trying consciously not to let that thought mask my marvel at the actual act.

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