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Feb 27, 2011

Voice To Words

Good news to the people who would like to listen to audio books than read..

Koti Kommachi

is now in the audio form..

I must say this is a good effort.. I would, however, have loved it in his voice but it is no longer possible..

check the review here by sahitya-Abhimani and dont forget to listen to the teaser and I really really love the song already and am humming it while I type it :).

I also came across
Attagaari Kathalu by Bhanumathi in audio form in pathabangaram rare gems and golden collections...but this is one audio book I so felt that the author said it in her own voice because I know her voice and her and must say now her attagaaru as well.

I still love the book, the feel of it in hand though :).

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Harika's Kitchen said...

yummy yummy luks delish.

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