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Apr 7, 2011

Anna!!! Let the Wave Turn To Be A Tsunami Washing Out Corruption...

I have come across so many people, noble and working for varied reasons when in prep for civils but all I remember of those names is what they have done, which year, the numbers, the statistics, the plans, bills, years.. for the general studies coverage more than an actual interest in the person as such.. and Anna Hazare.. is one such individual...

I have read about The Model Village and dreamt of doing the same to my village but if I put to practice, at least 0.01% of those racing thoughts I guess I would make a lot more difference that I only seem to speak of.    I start doing something at a very very very tiny level and get worked up if the benefactors say something or do not respect the work I am trying to do and then give it up for a while, never a concrete decision to go and give it my best.. maybe I am searching for reasons not to do it or delay it further.  Because for sure, he must have faced them too and the fact that he has overcome them itself is a proof that anyone can.

Fight against corruption, a tirade against all odds.. where basic things do not get done if we want to get them done properly, the right to information which is not seen half of the times.

Empowerment of villages, the grass roots and corruption free backing to that cause will surely be a giant leap in getting India from DEVELOPING nation to a DEVELOPED nation status.

For small things like RTI (right to information) which takes almost 60 yrs. to come into place after independence and then with a lot of opposition and political pressure from all corners, if and if we were to carry on a silent protest Lokpal Bill will never ever get passed.

Time to take a tiny step to a big movement.. no talk.. just ACTION.

Go Anna Go.. We are with you...

It is not just the match and cup and all the fancy stuff we care about.. WE, THE YOUTH OF INDIA support you.. JUST GO.. DO NOT GIVE IT UP... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING FOR A BETTER WORLD FOR THE GENERATION NEXT.


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