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Apr 5, 2011

CSA Month

In a country where talking about sex between consenting elders is a taboo, I can only imagine what it would be to mention about the child sexual abuse which very happens but kept buried under many many many layers out of shame, out of misguided beliefs leaving the kids scarred and fending for selves, finding their own solution to it.. if not always, most of the times.

I had done a post on this quite some time ago HERE... back then when certain thoughts used to occupy my mind and scare me out of my wits...

At that time I had asked a lot of people their inputs and Kiran  had responded instantly too.  She now has put in efforts to put together along with a few other bloggers this awesome awareness thing and no denial about the fact that I am relieved that it is not just a figment of my fertile imagination and that the problem actually exists and in what magnitude???.  I follow it closely and soak everything in now, not as a paranoid mom that I once was (or still am) but as a keen observer of the happenings in the society keeping the aside the fact that I have been through the phase of childhood, the scars and all and a mother of a daughter who, if not protected, has every risk of falling prey to the psychos lurking around... those sweet elders who scar the life of those tiny souls.

Watch out for the kids who know something is wrong but cant point a finger on it, watch out for elders who take an advantage of this helplessness of the kids.. try your best to retain the childhood the same it ought to be and not scarred and confused.

One very disturbing incident that happened around a month ago, something that I happened to witness is something that I cannot shake off my mind and gives me shivers and that very deep pit-like feeling in my stomach, that urge to puke it out of the system.. I guess I need some time to let it all out.. I am sure I will one of these days, when I can get myself to do it.. I need to re-group my thoughts and put it across.

Be a part of CSAAM, join hands in letting those tiny buds bloom naturally...

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karmickids said...

Thank you so much Sree, this is something that very few people are willing to talk about or accept but which affects so many of the children, that it becomes imperative to do what one can. Your support for the CSAAM has been amazing.

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