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Apr 24, 2011

Evening Hour - Readers Guild Reading Marathon

I had come to know about Evening Hour when I was bedridden for a while thanks to the nonstop back-to-back fractures between October '10 and Feb '11 through Siri.

Met Priyanka of EH over the phone and got some books through order, need to get a few more but got busy in the life.... err lazy in life.  A new set of books arrived in the local library, with a little push from Sireesha and her reviews on books, my love for reading came back full force.  Flipkart, is my new temple, yeah yeah it is!!! considering the discounts, the prompt service to this remote area, free shipping, a large repository of books and excellent service and support from the customer.

To be honest, our local "Graama Grandhaalayam" is one place which has kept me sane through my troubles, read all sort of junk, every single magazine that they got.. some very good books.Thanks to everyone mentioned above, I am back in the world of books that I love to read rather than pick from the ones I get from the local library.  I make sure that each kid I know has a membership in the library, which costs mere 50/- for lifetime and has a lot of kids books (the best gift one could give to a kid), a chance to explore the world in words and aim for whatever is best suited to her/his interests

Thanks to everyone mentioned above, I am back in the world of books that I love to read rather than pick from the ones I just get from the local library.  When Priyanka announced the Readers Guild Reading Marathon, I was the first to jump in joy.  With the shift in work place, training modules, rigorous grind of introduction various accounts, increased number of work hours, a cranky kid due to lack of attention from me, it most certainly is not going to be an easy task but I am all excited, made a list of books I need to read or re-read and go for it, not for the heck of it but because I know that is going to do a whole lot of good to me... that CAN DO feel!!!

This Summer

Expand your horizons,
Hone your reading skills,
Read Books from new genres,
Discuss writing styles,
Write book reviews for the world to read,
Meet authors, poets, n wannabes,
All with a single ticket to
EveningHour Library!

Participate in
Reader's Guild Reading-Marathon

When you read 26 books and pen their reviews,
You will be added to the Finishers Raffle!
You will receive a certificate at the awards ceremony!
Winner from the raffle will get a prize!
Award Ceremony June 5th 2011

All with a single ticket to EveningHour library!
The FB link is here...

The rules are simple... register self in the FB... pick a book of your choice, be it from the EH library or any place of your choice, read it, send a review to the mail box...

There is no fee per se. If you are in Hyderabad, you can take our (EveningHour) membership for availing the books. But, if you are elsewhere, you could choose to get the books from your local library.
Regarding the list, any! Comics won't count for any age group. The size of the book has to be reasonable per the age group. For example, reading 25 page story book won't count for an adult while it is perfectly fine for a kid.
Come join me in this marathon which starts Tomorrow and ends on June 04... 26 books in 41 days, a tough task in the busy mechanical lives but for book lovers it would be a treat and a challenge worth undertaking..

I would love to see
Sunitha, Sandhya, Sirisha, Rajesh, Chandu (Neninthe), Sireesha and the rest of the gang to do it... Keerthi, you can do too if time permits with Vicky Pandu.. join me and do let me know you did okay!!!!!

Am all excited and all set.


Anonymous said...

I'm in :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in :)

Sireesha said...

I can't participate. You guys enjoy!!

చందు said...

Not sure how it works? I am not in India. Right now juggling between too many things. Sorry, I can't participate. I will see if I can post reviews on couple of books that inspired me.

Sree said...

Chandu.. :).

It is completely alright, the geographic location, I mean.. but then I understand how it is being tied up with a whole lot of things.

If we can really take some time out to what we really like to do in general, it does a lot of good to us.. for me, reading is one such thing..

sure thing, will wait up for the reviews..

Sree said...


Good luck for the prep!!! Next year maybe :).

EveningHour said...

Sorry for jumping in. The goal behind the challenge is to inspire people to read. For adults who are juggling with many many tasks, participation itself is greatly appreciated. Just try what you can! Even if it is only 1 book by the end of the 41 days, I would consider the purpose served!

And as Chandu said, if you can even post reviews on the FB page (, others will learn from it. Or you could send us an email if it is easier.

Thanks Sree, Keerthi and all the others.

Sireesha said...

Thanks Sree. I need the wishes. It's been a really long time since I had to get into academics and so I'm currently suffering from inertia of rest. I'm giving myself a day or two to overcome this plunge right in. Let's see how it goes. The last thing I want to feel is despair.
@Evening Hour
That's really cool. Since I'm sure I'll be reading at least a few books in these 41 days despite my other endeavors, I can contribute a few reviews on Facebook.
I'm so sad I'm missing it this time. Had it been at least a month earlier, I would have taken up the challenge.

Sree said...


I very well understand that inertia of rest.. get off it soon :).

Sree said...

yay, yay... cant wait to see the reviews!!

Sree said...

Evening Hour.. will sure do!!! and ask my friends to do it too.

Sandhya said...

My comments did not reach you I guess. There was a repeated problem in posting my comments. I received error messages whenever I tried to post. After several attempts, I thought my message went through.

Anyways, what I asked can we review a book of our choice or do is there a list to choose titles from? Not sure if I can participate since I am based in Singapore.

Sree said...

Sandhya... you could be based out of any place on the earth ;).. you pick the book, give a review.. join in Evening hour link given and post a review there :).. simple simple.. would love to see you do them :).

Sandhya said...

Try chesta, Sree, though I cannot guarantee. Asalu everyday I read so many books as a part of my profession that I almost find it a bit tiring to read after office hours ha ha.

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