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Apr 2, 2011

me and kirkit...

It has been a while since I saw any match on TV in India...have not even seen a couple of overs let alone a match all these years and suddenly something changes and the world cup bug bit me hard and am hooked on to the match like never before...

back with old cricket quirks.. and my superstitions about the game..

I remember the time  when

***I kept going to the loo just because each time I went there was a wicket gone.. yeah I did that.. was that crazy or maybe am still...
***I bribed the God with a coconut if the team wins.
***I oohed and aahed when Jadeja kept jumping in the field and was really proud of the fact that he had the most muddiest whites (yeah way before we shifted to blue) on the ground.
***Kapil, Vengsarkar.. then Jadeja, Kumble and Srinath... were the crushes :), the poster men or whatever.

and then the game slowly faded in my life and got busy playing the gamble called life.

India and Pakistan match, the kid said Pakistan gelichi and I kept teaching her India gelichi which she adamantly refused to of course and now she says Srilanka gelichi and I dont really mind 'cos I know it is a good sign considering my quirks and superstitions...

and it is all the more fun watching it with Chandu, Hema and the gang from the West ;).. thanks to the FB.

So, Go India Go... we are here to cheer you... bleed whatever color but get the cup okay~!!!!!

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