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Apr 12, 2011

Time for some mad music...100% Love

I happened to listen to the songs of 100% Love and must say, I liked them... ignoring the lyrics the music in the album is fun but the point is they are too clear to ignore.. on a serious note, some of the words that I would not want the kid to listen or enjoy, phew the paranoid momma syndrome showing its ugly hood again :(.

a square, b square is a song that I fell in love with instantly.. Devi Sri's voice and surprise to me Colors Swathi sang that song too, could figure it out easily though listening to her voice, liked the guy's version a bit better but Swathi's was relatively easier to understand.  This a square b square stuff is something that haunted in me school and college I **hate** math you see :(), but for a change I love it here :).  The other songs are catchy too but

Heard Nenu Naa Raakshasi too but not an impressive first feel, liked the theme song though... haunting but I think music that you need to listen more than once to get involved, something that kind of grows on you!!!... For the movie it has that curiosity factor after the much appreciated leader for Rana and considering that I consider him Smart, looking forward to see the movie.. DMD, I think I will give it a skip.. it is NNR for me and 100% also on the list considering that I kind of like that kid Chaitanya... the visuals feel fresh and good.

Watched Gaganam the other day.. felt the movie was rushed, amateur and not paid attention to, but still chalega considering it is an experiment in Telugu, one after Eenadu.

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