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May 30, 2011

Nenu... Naa Raakshasi!!!

Well, this is a memorable one in the sense I watched it with my little raakshasi.. the first movie we both alone went together, so kind of a milestone movie for us and with an apt title, who is the raakshasi is something that we need to decide at a later time though ;).  She likes the music track and in the balcony only both of us were there as usual, so with the kid playing around with the toys and she dancing to the music in between just exactly the way I love to watch a movie, I loved the movie all the more.  Even though it is a non-ac dabba-most theater that one can come across, I have a special place for this place in my heart.  I would, in no other way, take the kid to an overcrowded theater, feel like it is a personal projector for us.. the most number of people any time we went to theater in the balcony were, at the max 20, so you can clearly see the reason.

Coming to the movie, I really loved it.. the minus point of the movie was the stretched first half and rushed second half, a different concept kind of ruined in spite of good casting and intriguing stuff, the suspense aspect was kept till the very end as to why all this but still rushed out towards the end kind of takes off the tight grip.  The obsession of the main leads with death, be it the guy killing or the girl being a spectator to suicides and then uploading on the net, starts off on a promising note but somewhere down the line the whole concept dwindles.

 Heard only negative reviews of the movie or at the max okay average wait for the DVD, it came as a surprise to me that I actually liked it.

Ileana, a little more plumpier than usual looks wow, not much drama, in fact maybe actually first time that she actually performed rather than being a prop or a glamor doll, felt good.

Rana I, always have doubts how we would fit into the role, certainly looked good.  Seeing his physique and unconventional looks (to me he is like that giant Gulliver in Lilliput land ;) of Telugu Cinema), I think it is difficult for anyone to actually perceive how he will actually turn out to be on the screen without seeming odd but he did manage fine in both the movies I watched.  Crisp, no-nonsense, clear acting, I like, like.  He actually makes it seem very easy and effortless but it certainly takes a lot to have that restraint in a drama-based medium and the hard work really shows in terms of body, looks, consistency.  Dressing was cool and simple.  I would most certainly look forward to his next movies.

Ali and Mumaith ruined the flow of the movie, the movie would have fared a lot better with a seriously different concept minus these two people.  Really cheap track, derogatory and downright disgusting.

I did not like the music a lot other than the theme the first time but it is of the kind that grows on you... Paditinammo is undoubtedly the common favorite for me and the kid.. Meenaacchi and Papam punyam are good too forgetting the lyrics :).  Starting of the song.." Devudu vaadikedo pani kaavali kaabatti...blah, blah, blaah.... aayanni confuse chesainaa haayigaa batikeyyaali... my funda!!! in a way though not completely... needless to say, love love love!!!

Can watch it!!  Good concept with lopsided execution... chaala chaala rojula taravaata puri konchem pongindi but overallgaa papad laaga kara karalaadindi, puri feel raaledu, buck up man puri !!!


With the break that I am having due to various reasons, am catching up with all the movies which end up in our dabba Poornima :).  I am amazed at the speed they are ending up in this theater these days.  Earlier for a movie to come to this remote place it used to take up a whole lot of time, in fact we used to get it in TV before it actually came to theater but these days with the short life of the movies they come up faster here and I can really tell the business the movie did based on how long it stays in the local theater.  Teenmaar was there for 3 days :), Manasaara 1 day, Mirapakay 2 weeks, AOD 2 days, Shakti 6 days... so if I want to see a movie I should either watch it on day 1 or 2 lest I see another poster the next day.

Coming to the movie, the lesser said the better, half the time I did not understand what Pawan was saying and to my limited knowledge, I thought it was more of Spanish than Italian he was claiming it to be.  I did not watch Love Aaj Kal so no prejudices, no idea about the concept and all and still I ended up wanting a refund, so no wonder those who watched LAK felt the way they did.  Totally agree with the reviews.  The best thing about the movie is Trisha, I have not felt she was beautiful until this movie, she looked super good.  When people used to go ga-ga over Trisha and her looks I was like what?? there are a lot more talented girls and always felt and still feel she is an overrated actor in the recent times.  The movie is definitely not for conventional audience,  too bold to my taste, too confusing for my simple-movie watching concept, did not understand the link between two PKs story lines in the movie, a thin story line, a thinner acting line!!.. got to agree one thing that only PK could draw at least those few initial audience to the theater... The fact that I did not understand anything about the movie begins from the main lead's name itself.. Michael Velayudhan?????  considering his parents who pop in between the story somewhere seemingly traditional Hindus speaking proper Telugu, neither first name nor the last name matches.. phew!!! too much of thinking on my part for this movie.. sigh!!!.

I waited a long time before deciding to go for this one minus the kid of course, can wait for the DVD to be out and can watch it in fast forward mode if you still want to watch the movie.  The first half I just was reaching out for the remote forgetting i was in the theater and it really took a lot of personal effort not to just come out of the theater... BORING.. to a large extent.  Personal opinion, can skip it altogether.

May 28, 2011

Mommyhood Tag

Hammayya, finally releasing this one.. this one has been in the draft mode for 3 days...

It's been a while since us Mommybloggers came up with something to celebrate, well, mommyhood, so the lovely Monika and Kiran came up with this. A tag that has us list out five lessons of life that Mommyhood has taught us, these could be sweet, bitter, funny, touching, whatever. These could be survival tips or cooking tips, or something as simple as the best thing to get puke smell out of hair.
So, the rules are simple. Put the badge up. Write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught you. And tag five mommy bloggers.

There are too many things that being a mommy taught me, but to put down the first five that come to my mind as of now at this point...

Never Ever Neglect Yourself and Put the Kids needs in front of yours 24x7 every single time.
Well, I was a paranoid mother the first year of life of the kid, anything and everything used to scare the hell out of me.  It is no good trying to be a supermom, a mother is a human after all.  Take care of one's own health and try get back to shape within no time because once you postpone it the endless layers of fat never seem to really go, take time for self, work out, get fit.  The kid learns from you, absorb everything from you, being tired and sick all the time is not going to help either of you, so take care of yourself and the kid is automatically taken care of by you.  Stretch marks and pot belly maybe the badges of motherhood I would proudly want to display but that is not an excuse for being overweight.

Being a supermom is a myth..
Take things one at a time, do not feel shy to take help, do not feel bad for wanting to take rest, do not feel bad for wanting to run away... do not go on guilty trip each time the kid cries or falls.  It is but natural.  There is no way I can kill my own baby by sheer negligence, so relax..

Protective and possessive to the extremes in not good for the kid.  Advices are plenty, follow your heart.
When I used to see a few mothers and kids who behave they are the only mighty ones and their fruits of the womb are the best, others are lesser mortals and I had that fear that maybe I will turn out to be one too.  I love my kid more than anything but I am thankful I do not fall into that trap.  It is in fact possible to be nonjudgmental about kids.  It is possible to keep your mouth shut and not end up giving lectures on how to bring up a kid to another mother.  It is the key not to fret on little things or get furious about what other people have to say about your parenting, just give a smile and do not let them affect you and even if they do affect you, don't let the other person know they did..phew!!

I am a lot more tougher than I actually thought I was
I always knew I was strong but that I could stretch beyond unthinkable at some point is something new.  If I could go through the most vulnerable phase with a tiny life in my hands, I can, I guess tough out anything in this world if I get my will together.

Kids have amazing sensors.. do not underestimate
It is not right to say that these are kids, they do not understand anything, through experience I have realized that they have amazing sensors, they are more emotionally tuned to handle things than we realize they are and they are sponges absorbing everything they come in contact with, good, bad, ugly.. so do not be paranoid and be the way you want them to be...

Most importantly being a mother made me realize that I most essentially want and love just to be ME.  Mom to my kid, sure, but mommyhood is just a role I am playing, the core me is essentially just the same, the need to be just me has increased if anything.

I would tag

and tweak this tag a little bit for fathers and want Chandu to do it... and any one of the readers without a blog, would love the comment section filled with yours... Sandhya, Radha.. knock knock listening??

Sanichari - Mahaswetha Devi

it is actually a collection of translated short stories of Mahaswetha Devi by Nirmalananda.

The impact of Bengali literature on Telugu readers and book lovers is undeniable.. be it Tagore or Sarath, we devour them all. Mahaswetha Devi though not as popular and though not as many works of her are translated is a unique writer whose works are associated with tribals, atrocities on them, the day to day life of the tribal women, youth, children, their problems, welfare and highs and lows. She has made heroes out of the much ignored lot. Her works forced the people to look at the lesser privileged lot, come out of the urban aura and acknowledge the contribution of tribals in freedom struggle and all.

Saahityam dwaara udyamam cheyyatam anedi aavida pratyekata ani naa feeling.

Gulliver's Travels

This is revisit book, when I read the fairy tales I had to read this one once more.. such is my love towards it.. I re-read it back in 2009.. HERE.. too many things have changed in my view point.. but this just does not.

I fell in love with this guy Gulliver and his story back in school when I read the non-detailed book in SSC syllabus. Love every single thing about it, the Lilliput, Blefescu, Brobdingnag... the teeny tiny people and huge monstrous people.. happy in their own world unaware of the problems due to Gullivers size.. Something to imagine and get into a fantasy world.

Superb choice for those who love fantasy.

This time around I read the Vernon Thomas edition :), the one that takes me back to school.

May 27, 2011

German Janapada Kadhalu - Translation of Grimm's Fairy Tales

I love fantasy world in books, fairy tales and stuff. We know majority of the stories individually Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Jack and the bean stack, frog prince, sleeping beauty... the world of fairy tales.. of guardian angels and witches, of love and bravery and happily ever after :)..

Watching fairy tales every Sunday on national TV, DD is one of the very first memories of my watching TV, used to love them a lot and look forward to it. The absolutely awesome collection of German folktales and aptly named fairy tales are my all time favorite reads.

This is the first time i read in Telugu though, cool read.. something I would love to read and imagine and watch with the kid once again.

Jayadev Cartoons - Jayadev

A collection of all cartoons by renowned cartoonist Jayadev, absolutely fun read to have them all together. Prominently featured in Swathi magazine. We have a good introduction to the world of cartoon as an artform, some insight into it followed by cartoons, a few on each topic.. mostly tackling social issues.. nothing political about it, so it is a tad bit different, mostly fun with subtle satires.

Finally ends with his interview and some cartoons of his by others.

A very quick read with some good info..

May 23, 2011

Urmila - Vasireddy Seetadevi

This is my second book of the author, Koti-Kobbarikaya was the first one and that book was an innovative attempt. I am told the author's books deal with a lot of prevailing social inequalities, burning issues and stuff like that and quite a few of her books are course material for students but could not actually get hold of many books so far.

The conversations between the characters is so realistic, it does happen all the time.. not just in a marriage between the highest order of the caste system and the lowest, any difference is magnified and that kind of becomes the sole reason to hate the other person or the clan. It is disturbing but in a strange way, we come to accept that as part of life. There are times when I am quite disturbed based on the caste factor, I really dont know the atrocities faced by the lower ranks but I do understand it must be horrible and to my horror there are times when I realize the difference and kind of am used to it, that used-to-ness is what bothers me no end.. I digress that is the point of another post, another day.

Urmila is about reservations, the caste barrier, the highly-charged emotions of people, the intercaste marriages, the social barriers, the human parasite tendency, the change with time and money, the fact that customs and stuff come only when the basic needs are taken care of. Kind of remembered the movie Balipeetham... Urmila is a strong individual, hailing from an educated highly placed SC background, stands up for a merit Brahmin boy, supports him in all possible ways to reach his dream of being a doctor going against the wishes of her family, burns herself at both the edges to see him meet the goals and finally is stranded once he gains the foothold... the caste for no fault of hers strikes and ruins her life twice over...

May 22, 2011

Agnes to Mother Teresa..

Mother Teresa - Uttejakara Sanghatanalu - Vimala Mehata and Veerendra Raj Mehta

As do a lot of translations, the book loses its intensity (purely personal opinion). This book deals with experiences of the author with the mother, the life, the calling, the services, the nature of the mother. The miracles associated and the beliefs of the people, her journey from Agnes to Mother Teresa and coincidentally this book comes out in the year of her beatification.

To me, she was the most beautiful person inside out.. each wrinkle adds to her beauty, each line on her face has a story of giving and caring. Heard a lot about her, seen the face many times, have a big poster of hers always at home, still have one framed.. the lady in white and blue..

I thought the lack of bare essentials and amenities in the institutions speaks of its simplicity and it is all about providing them to a lot more people, providing a shelter for those required, frills and fancies are for people gathering funds for self-use, these nuns' only aim is to give it to as many people as possible and my respect only grew multifold.. the efforts of mother to get people to give and to give it to all is something that is awe-inspiring. But then, when a few inmates mentioned that they were told that they are rotting in sin for not believing in Christ and that their suffering now will show them a way... shattering and like everything else frustrating as you can never know the truth.

I had a lot of concerns and personal conflicts about mother. I was or maybe a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable about the rigid religion that comes between the service line. This stems out from a personal experience. I had seen a few lepers and beggars on the streets just close by mother's institutions and when I tried getting them in they were like.. No we won't we are forced to practice religion, we are better off on roads, I am not sure if it was the case when the mother was around and they insist it had been all through. Conflicts, too many.

I understand very well the reason for IGNORANCE IS BLISS... and no I have not seen Hell's Angels which I was suggested to me when I discussed my findings with friends. Neither do I wish to because when in doubt and there is no point finding an answer, just ignore... but still in one corner.. sigh. I would love to think about the service rendered and not the intent behind and pass the same on to the kid... the life she led, the simplicity she followed, the service she rendered, the way she motivated people, I guess there would be none who would bluntly refuse if she went for help immaterial of her personal beliefs.

Not a book if you are searching for answers like me.

May 21, 2011

New age movies, heroes, stories and me..

With some heavyduty reading I had been doing for a while, I thought I would just take a teeny tiny break and have it balanced, so sneaked a bit and watched a few movies.. back to back movie watching days seem to have gone, I just can manage one a day. Saw Mr. Perfect and then came back home and watched Darling.. Prabhas overdose it was, but I am not complaining :).

Wow, the standards of movie making are going up by the day. I like a movie when it is based on a story or a concept. I hate it when it is made on a Star's image. The reason the movies of people like Balayya, Chiru or even Nag these days do not click is that they are made keeping in view the hero's image. I love watching the movies where the story or the theme is the hero. Underplaying, cutting out drama, subtle acting, cool and witty dialogues this is the recipe for a movie to go down well with me. That was precisely the reason I liked Nag back then refreshingly underplaying in the age of heavyduty drama. While I agree that NTR, ANR, Krishna were legends I do not like their over-action, it was clearly action... NATANA.. sahajatvam ekosaana leni natana. I personally feel drama is for theater and subtelity is for movies.

I am not talking about reality movie or movie as an art-form, I know movies are for entertaining, even though things are far from logic, I need it presented in a pleasing way where I am thoroughly entertained, I should love a whole package, I should forget the rest, fans, movie mania, it should just be refreshing to watch. The reason I like Naga Chaitanya is precisely the same, I have not seen him trying to rise above the character, he just does the needful, I guess the younger lot is pretty much sensible about this.. NTR. Jr. needs to change a bit though :)... with Shakti, he is way below below my expected standards and Pawan Kalyan, phew.. that is one breed of acting that I can do without, what has gone to his head.

Chaitu... a good actor in making, need to tap the energy just a little.
NTR... cut that clan crap and get back to reality and stop hanging on to tatagaru, nandamuri, babaye, anna stuff show us more of you.. maa taatalu netulu taagaaru maa mootulu vaasana choodandi ante kudaradoy pillakay!!
Mahesh  Great looking genes, masking the age, really cute, do not give so much of a gap in between movies, some good story and not the star image factor.
Siddharth - Intelligent hero with zero potential needed films, need to focus on selecting the movies...
Manoj  Power packed, huge potential, energetic, experimental, fun-loving.. watching out for more.
Allari Naresh - He is a master of all trades.. just needs a director to tap his potential and there he is for you, branded for comedy, he is good with sentiment too, good, down-to-earth.. minimum guarantee actor.
Rana.. sensible, technically talented, intelligent, hardworking, good marketing skills, great voice,
revulo taadichettu, unconventional looks, need to choose the subjects more cautiously than the rest to suit him.
Ravi Teja Good in his usual way, entertaining, drama king, but still I enjoy that brand of comedy and style.  Knows his limits, enjoys what he does and I enjoy watching them on screen.
Nitin - What in the name of God are you trying to do, get real, get you act right... see the movies you have done before you sign a new one, do you even like to watch them as part of audience???
Allu Arjun - Good, great dancer, has his own style and sense, hate his hair style but love his movies, good selection.
Charan - Chiruta to me is yuck, Magadheera is good, Rajamouli all the way, yet to see him as him, so no comments.
Uday Kiran - My real-life buddy from the past, long long time since we met, watched all the movies.. Chitram was super, was wondering how he could be a hero with that "mee peddollanta inte" type of a dialogue delivery but happy that he did good, gone without a trace now, people say it is Chiru at play, I think it is your choice of movies nothing went really well after the initial three.  I seriously doubt Chiru being a man in mess himself, can do anything to mess up someone else's life at this juncture at least.. Waiting for a good one... again, just because he is a buddy nothing else, so work on it!!

Prabhas - He is stylish, experiments with his looks in almost all the movies, but that is not too striking or does not affect his performance.  He is tall and huge without seeming to be so, great body, fit, intense, fun-loving.  There is a quirky reason I like this guy.  More than physical presence, dressing or even eye contact, I kind of look at people's hands and fingers and take a liking to them.  The first thing I notice about the person is overall appearance in a glance and then focus on to hands and if the conversation is boring, the feet ;).  Safe zone is the hands because you don't embarrass the person looking into the eye most of the time and in some people hands do more talking than the whole body :).  When I saw him on screen the first time, I was like wow, this is some looker, am going to love this guy and then his hands and fingers and the pains he takes for a new look in each of his movies, the way he says daaling, the smile, the dance steps, the dressing that unique Prabhas mark.  Billa was a downer, could not really watch it for him or for Anushka, better choose good ones that suit the audience taste.  Mr. Perfect is just good for him and for us to watch.

Got to do another one on heroines some time... :)... and no doubts for guessing, Anushka wins hands down :).

May 20, 2011

100% Love... love, love, love

It has been a while I watched a movie and loved it this good.. naaku piccha picchagaa nacchesindoch. I love Chaitu... muaaaahh. mark my words, he is going to be a lambee racekaa ghoda like his father. For some really personal reason, I like this kid a lot, not after he became a hero or even decided to be one. I happened to watch one of his photos with Ramanaidu's family. He was loved and cared but somehow I felt his eyes showed that he was lost in his own world, something just connected and I liked that kid. I remember saving it on the desktop, I still have it in my photos folder. He was a chubby kid back then, after a while I saw another pic and felt he looked like Nag and liked him even better. When he decided to come into movies, I was looking forward for his first pic, watched it, liked him, his underplayed acting, felt that he had potential and after Yem Maaya Chesave I knew I will follow his every single movie and so 100% was by default a must watch lister :).

Finally could take out some time to check it out. Loved it thoroughly, every single thing about the movie, keeping the logic aside it is a fun movie to watch, the concept was good, the ego concept.. path well tracked by a lot of makers before but what brings about is the freshness in the take, too good, it was a visual treat. Right from the titles to the end, the novelty. Sukumar, the teacher did what he knows best..students, college, life and love. Songs are good, picturization is better. Even the Diyyalo Song in the movie does not come out as so cheap, suits the situation. Being from village background, I now understand that this is how people are in villages, that is how they speak. Tamanna was good... wow that flat belly... innocent, puppy love.. intense puppy love... egoistic puppy love well it is 100% Love. Out and out entertainer, the only thing I did not like in the movie is Tamanna sharing her flashback story with kids, I really hate muduru kids.. but then again, she had no friends as such other than her bava. She looks great, a teeny tiny bit older than Chaitu at some place, loved the plant/flower arrangement in the hero's house post interval :).

Can watch it again, kid will surely love it considering the music is good and she loves all the songs already and already mixes the song's words and says ahooo amma :).. no wonder I look even more bloated than usual ;)).

Overall, a fun movie, worth watching once in theater... family to choodagaligina manchi bujji bulli cinema.

Chaitu has great potential and will only get better anipistundi naaku personally... ,and by the way dance steps inkaa chimpirigaane unnay, chimpiri in a cute way but then I am biased, I like that kid anyways... unbiasedgaa cheppamanna kooda it is good summer movie.. can watch without hesitation, leaving logic behind, just enjoy!!!!

May 19, 2011

Meter Down, Down, Down..

These days I do not really know what has set in but I am really not able to focus on stuff, get anything done, and most of all focus on work, so many things in the mind, nothing is getting done.. wanted to do a Beat the Heat series on the picture blog, could not venture out in the heat and the day I finally did, the battery died on me..

The worst hit is the job front with something or the other going on, I need to focus and not lose the credibility with quality and since I am not in a position to guarantee the same, I am just not able to move forward... am on a break, too many things going on in life, back to cooking, cleaning, running around... got out of touch for a while... crib, crib, crib, crib.. and more crib mood..

May 18, 2011

Two States - CB

Chetan Bhagat has come up with a good book almost as good and crisp and clear and cute as Five Point Someone which actually got me hooked on to reading his books.

Read all the four books, FPS, One night@ Call Center, 3 mistakes of my life, and 2 states.. of them all I found ONCC a bit too over the top, 3 MOML just about fine but 2 states is a simple story.. south girl north boy love story which ends in a happy marriage convincing both sets of parents. I loved the dedication, acknowledgements and the story that goes with it. The style of writing makes it all the more impressive in an otherwise very very thin story line.

Like his other two books which formed the base for movies 3 idiots (Aamir) and Hello (Salman), this I guess is slated to be made into a movie. There was news that Saif and PC would star in it and now the latest is Shahrukh and Asin.. well, to be honest it is not a movie that I would like to see established... err.. oldies acting some fresh faces, a new pairing maybe.. someone like a spunky Deepika or Sonam and Ranbir or maybe a totally new hero.

One very lovely thing about CB books is their pricing.. I love the Flipkart pricing of his books, less than hundred, easy reads, good buys.. Rupa & Co does a good job of marketing too.

A good read for readers who love simple, crisp, witty, easy language flow..

Icons From the World of Arts

Translations to me have always been a tough read, the smooth flow isn't there somehow no matter how good the translation is I kind of feel it does not convey what the actual author intended to convey. I began with reading Sarath Sahityam translated by B. Sivaramakrishna garu, supposed to be the best translation, all the 7 volumes actually. I did not quite take to the very critically acclaimed literature work. I fail to understand why the very strong women end up with spineless heroes, I personally do not quite connect with them. After a long hesitation thanks to the sour taste it left, I picked up one translation and must say thought i like the content, I am not really happy with the translation part of it.

I loved the cover page MS. SubbaLakshmi photo so much and just could not resist picking it up to get an idea about life and struggle and dedication of 10 stalwarts in the field of their chosen creative art form.

Classical, traditional, conventional, achievers in their own world an intro to the people whose contribution to these arts is just beyond words.

Learnt more about those maestros, their struggle, some tiny anecdotes pitched in here and there. Dr. Padma Subhramanyam, Lata Mangeshkar, L. Subramanyam, Ustad Amzad ali khan, Zakir Hussain, MF Hussein, ARR, MS, Birju Maharaj, Nandagopal.. we can find so much of information on the net if we intend to search but found some interesting things which actually made me want to look for more about them, their passion, their dedication and most importantly their contribution to the art form they have chosen.

Interesting read.

May 16, 2011

A quick peek... on cooking and reading...

These days I got real busy with job and change and kid and a whole lot of things... Looks like a real wrong time to make the job change.. the past few days have seen me doing stuff which I have not done in a while.. cooking.. aaaww...uurrrghhhhh!! I just am a cook-o-phobic, a cooked up word by me:((.. I am so hating to go near that stove even to do a simple thing like putting some rice in the cooker...grrrr... I just hope this is a passing phase.. In the past 3 yrs, it was only once I cooked a full course meal and other than boiling, mashing, grinding, tossing baby foods for the daughter I hardly made anything.

Mom does the cooking now, when she is not around the domestic help does the cooking.. one doesn't know cooking but she knows how to use the gas stove and cooker while the other can cook well but is scared of the stove but between them they manage to give me something to eat and I have absolutely nothing to complain about the arrangement ;).. IF nothing, they opened a curry point in our village, just simple... get stuff from there and cooking baby meals is kind of okay with me 'cos I love doing it for the kid. The joke at home is that I will teach the kid cooking as soon as she can and get rid of it for once and for all :).

Mom and me are poles apart in aspect of cleanliness like everything else, so while mom and the kid are a tsunami and hurricane respectively destroying the order and cleanliness in one sweep, me and the help constantly put them back. Mom in the kitchen is just like a tornado hit a city, everything is a mess but the food is tasty which I can kind of take as I hardly enter the kitchen which is actually an all-together separate division from the living space at home :), exclusive her territory for a while now.

Now that mom is kind of out for 40 days, it is something that has to be tackled. I should have a real neat kitchen to able to do anything right, so the past few days has been a blur of activity, cleaning, arranging, rearranging, refilling, restocking stuff.. for me to cook, the daughter to watch over and the help to hover around...phew!!! It has been exhausting considering the heat and most importantly, the unwillingness part of it.

I was mentioning to mom, the marathon part.. my reading books as part of marathon and she was like.. oh is it??? I thought you have cut-down on reading these days :)))... I was just thinking you are reading less these days :)... and strangely that is true for an avid, voracious reader like me, my reading is getting lesser and lesser these days. I know more about the books and content in the local library than the librarian who kind of asks me where to find such and such book..phew!!!

With the marathon, I have cut down on reading the regular weekly and monthly magazines that I usually read Navya, Swathi, Jyothi, Chatura, Vipula, Chandamama, Chinuku, misimi, kathakeli, Ramakrishna Prabha, Wisdom, Outlook :)... when I went to the library the other day and saw the stack of magazines that I am yet to read I was like.. my God, the backlog and what about the marathon and then I realize I have been on a marathon all along and just took a break this past month trying to consciously read something and let the world know I do while earlier I was reading for the pleasure of it... BUT.. Marathon or not, greedy readers like me can never get enough of it!!!

I just cant wait to lay my hands on Week and Outlook and get my quota of news and views across the nation... I need to beat the heat and get it going... phew!!!!!!

Gatam - Swagatam

I happened to browse through some new books in the Library or the section where new books are now arranged in the local library and chanced upon this book.. having read a mention about it in Oka Charitra - Konni Nijaalu just wanted to read this for a while, so jumped with joy and finished it in one go. I am told the prequel is good and gripping and kind of exposes the rise, shine and fall of NTR, TDP and his role in various things that went right and wrong.

Aptly mentioned by the author Parvathaneni Upendra, it cannot be completely classified as a biography, rather it is a collection of events, issues, people or maybe a dairy of a political observer who was very much into politics holding key posts and being instrumental in historic events in AP politics.

In short, idi aatma kadha kaadu oka aatmaavalokanam :)).

A good read for people interested in politics and biographic stuff like me ;). Wish I can lay hands on the first book though..

Swathi Chinukulu

This is a beautiful collection of 312 editorial articles from the Telugu Weekly and Monthly Swathi. These are very small write-ups about a page length with big font, a good read, with good values, showing us the biggest truths of life in a very simple and easily understandable way.. not big lectures but simple write-ups.

This is going to be another stretched out read for me. Again, a bedtime read to end the day on a beautiful note with wonderful thoughts.

Aptly compared as "kondani addamlo choopinchadam laaga" putting the gist of great morals of life in simple easily understandable sentences with good examples. For a sucker of Chicken Soup like me, it is refreshing to see something like that in Telugu :).

May 13, 2011

Madhura Swapnam

I remember seeing a movie by this name and that song with the title name too...the novel has an old world charm, all through when I was reading it, it was like I could see some characters, dont really remember the characters of the movie but I could assign some people to those :).. I know I am crazy.

A dedicated doctor decides to serve poor in the village, gets into some issues with the head of the village when a girl is raped and killed by his BIL and moves out of the village not yielding to his request to take the case off. Events turn into the couple losing the baby, shattered with loss of baby and no scope to have children again, the couple moves on. Doc with a vengeance to earn money wherein he comes in contact with another dancer and her rich father, friendship blossoms and the misunderstandings thereafter and a happy ending constitutes the movie.

Typical Typical 70-80s Telugu movie material :).

Andev Kadhalu

A very different style and approach in writing... a collection of stories printed in various magazines between 1953 and 1978, way before the time I was born.. but the style and the problems kind of intrigue me, they have been and are the same, so in a way, the writings must have been way ahead of time back then.

It is a collection of 30 stories, not an easy flow read.. different beyond doubt, progressive, thought provoking.

An okay read for people like me who like smooth flow but a good read for the ones who like a bit of complexity.. All the whole a good collection and must appreciate the efforts to get them all together.

May 10, 2011

Life is What You Make It

Life is What You Make It..

I really really loved reading this book. Taking us through the thoughts of Ankita the protagonist of the novel it is a wonderful description of ups and downs and highs and lows, tackling a sensitive subject of bipolar disorder, overcoming not just the social stigma but the lowest of lows and highest of highs to a stability, each of the feeling expressed comes from the heart.. touched beyond words and really admire the ability of the author to give words to what Ankita is going through, the way she dealt with her grief, the way she lost the track and the way she regained the grip on life.. awesome narration.

Subtle yet very clearly emphasizes the today's generation and its need to be understood, the interaction with her parents, between friends, the realization, the desperation, the support from the doctors... Life handed her a platter full of stuff and she tasted every bit of it..

Highly recommend... totally love, love, love..

May 9, 2011

Jalebeeeeeeeeeeee :)...

I am truly an ad mad person and so is the kid.. we love watching ads like I must have mentioned here a million times :) already...

awesome ad.. and considering that i love ads and Jalebi both.. yumm.. yumm one for me.

the sequel ad :)

How cute is it... Mein Jaarahaa hoon... the tone, the look...muuuuuuaaaaaaahhhhhh......

Naluguriki nacchinadi, naakasale nacchaduro ;).

Movie:  Takkari Donga

Naluguriki nacchinadi naakasale ika nacchaduro
narulevaru nadavanidi aa routelone nadichedaro - naluguriki-
pogarani andaru annaa... adi maatram na naijam
teguvani kondaru annaa... adi naalo mannerism
-nindu chandurudu oka vaipu chukkalu oka vaipu
nenu okkadini okavaipu lokam okavaipu- -2-

nuvvu nilabadi neellu taagadam... nothing special
parugulettutu paalu taagadam... something special
ninnu adigite nijam cheppadam... nothing special
appudappudu tappu cheppadam... something special
lenivaadiki daanamivvadam... nothing special
oo lenivadiki daanamivvadam... nothing special
unnavaadidi dochukelladam... something special

buddimantudi brand dakkadam... nothing special
pokirodilaa perukekkadam... something special
raaja margamuna mundukelladam... nothing special
doddi daarilo doosukelladam... something special
haayi kaligite navvu chindadam... nothing special
badha kaliginaa navvutundadam... something special -nindu chandurudu-

When the movie was released, I so loved this song.. the lyrics and everything :).

I don't know why but I remembered this song early in the morning.. just felt like screaming out loud and sing in the already hot morning, cant believe it is just 7 a.m... phew!!! :).. just the heat, the mood I guess...

Listen Here

May 8, 2011

Hrudaya Gaanam

Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani's Hrudaya Gaanam.. a typical YSR novel, a beautiful understanding heroine who is a lecturer in a college in a remote village with a past..a handsome, responsible hero with no parents and a sister leading a very discipline and respected life in the village.... their story in the backdrop of college, students, their friendships, fights, touching some sensitive aspects of teacher-student relationship.

A good light read... time pass!!

Trashing the Planet.. think and re-think.

Bottled water.. the taste, yuck!! I happened to get an Aquafina bottle the other day and for that matter any brand and it has this sick metallic taste and made me feel like drinking some tonic or a syrup rather than water.. flavored mineral water huh!!!!

Fight for nature, fight for safe drinking water.. fight for generation next... THINK!!!

Thanks Sruti for the link.

May 7, 2011

Urban Shots

Urban Shots - 28 stories -- surprised 'cos the site says 29!!! maybe I got the first addition.. (no idea).

Picked this book up basically based on a review by Sireesha Avvari. Loved it..

A compilation of 28 short stories exploring the concept of 'urban'.. took me back to a life that I left behind a while ago.. bustling with life, so full of emotions, never a tiring moment. Brings back so many memories, a few stories were like maybe written about the people I know, their feelings explored, the situations brought to focus.

The book deals about today's life, no matter how much you deny, parts of it come across really hard and hit us in the face.. but through it all comes the struggle, the survival of the fittest, strong emotions to outdo the other in the race.. some stories tackling emotions, seemingly selfish but very raw.. love, lust, longing, fantasies, reality, friendship, true and masked feelings.... stuck somewhere in between.

I cannot really say I like one particular story or one particular facet of it but it most certainly is of the kind I have not read in quite a long time, something like a blast from the past..

I remembered the day I first landed in Bangalore for my job, the way I sobbed and sobbed saying that it is not where I want to be and ultimately ended up loving it so much.

PS:  Edited to Add:  the 29 stories is a misprint and the actual book comprises of just 28 stories.. :).

Budugu - Jaatar Dhamaal

I have been a big Dennis fan since I used to watch those cartoon strips and also loved that cute little boy.. shouting heloooooooooo Mr. Wilson :) on TV in black and white during my school days.

Budugu and Dennis are poles apart. While Dennis is an imp with childish innocence.. Budugu is our very own muduru Bendakay kid :).

I love the characters that come to life through Bapu's sketches. Seegana pesunaamba, baamma, babaye, amma, naana. It is all about musings of a kid about life and happenings in elder's life, the cute confusion, the language, the need to grow big in an instant to prove that he is not a child.... some thoughts which go through our minds most certainly at some age or the other during the childhood.Definitely not a comic strip read nor do I recommend it for little kids (personal choice).. it is for a little grown up kids and and for elders who want to revisit childhood through his eyes..

Oka Charitra - Konni Nijaalu - Dr. Daggubati Venkateswar Rao.

The inside story from the closest horse's aide is what I would say it is.  The story of NTR and his political journey the way he would have done had he been alive.  Seems to be an honest attempt to bring forth the nitty-gritties of things that played a major role in making TDP the force it was, the blemish that it got, the people in it and their mentalities.  When I first read about it I was like okay so Congress is using the couple yet another time... the divide and rule.  Purandhareswari and DBV come across as a sensible couple though DBV is more prone to emotions and their display than restraint and it also shows in the book.

It predominantly tries to focus on the nature of CBN, why he did things the way he did or if he did, how he did and stuff like that..  It is a political read or read for an NTR fan.. if you are interested in politics you will get glued it an out and out pro-Nandamoori family... in simple words as DP put it "Intlo pettanamantaa baavayyade kaani babuladi kadu.." A dialogue from NTR's movie that later became the single line story of his life.

The book does touch some sensitive issues but is not a reveal all.. it is basically DBV coming out with a clean chit.. seemed like confessing stuff reduces the impact of the evil or whatever.  It comes across as a family, family and more of family which is not surprising.  A great deal of rushing when it comes to the part where the reader wants it to be a bit more clear and slower and elaborating more on CBN and his attitude and behavior and malice.

It does not really do much other than claiming that all the important historic events with regard to the party have in fact been initiated or implemented to start with by him lamenting about the manipulative and self-promoting skills of CBN.. Overall an okay read for reader with political interest and in particular interest in Nandamoori clan.

May 5, 2011

Broom and Groom

At the first glance I was disappointed by my choice.. In fact I loved the front cover and ordered it through Flipkart of course without reading the gist or content of the book :).  I so want to read I Dare by KB.. it is going to be in the next set.

This book deals about social behavior patterns which could be major put offs and throws a light on how to tackle day to day issues.. in short a book on civic sense.. more of a textbook material than a general read.  At the start, I was like.. why??? why am I reading this, do I have to learn this reading the book isnt it how one should be.. can one change the fiber of his being by reading such behavioral guide books..

As I go deeper I understand and agree with the anguish of the authors regarding the total lack of it these days. This is in short a guide book on how to behave in a group or with another individual.. kind of a behaviour compass which is directed towards improving community living and enhancing social acceptance of an individual.

I personally think this book should be in school syllabus or at least a guidance factor for children in bringing up the children and making them aware about the nuances of general behavior.. a bit too conservative to my liking but yes a good foundation to begin with and work on for children, the generation next.

Not a casual read.

Naanna Nenu - Bujjaayi

Well, I can say that I have come from the age of reading cartoons to a point where I look beyond the cartoon and the person behind it.. pretty much covers the journey of my reading and preferences:).  It is an EH buy.. featured among their biographies, could not resist getting it.

It is a biography of Bujjaayi the son of the popular poet and movie lyric writer Devulapalli Krishna Sastri.. which reminds me of the song.. krishna sastri kavitalaa, krishna veni pongulaa.. gala, gala!! I have never been a fan of poetry I do appreciate simple stuff but cannot truly enjoy it..

This gives an indepth idea of leading a life with a legend, among the legends in Telugu literature and fine arts, not having school education, yet giving some real good Telugu cartoon strips.. story of a life of a son who came out of the prominent father's shadow and carved a niche for himself.  He is not a good writer and it shows but what strikes a reader is the innocence and truth and the general true feelings without masking them with the magic of words.

A good read if you are into biographies.. not a great work of literature but an honest effort.

May 2, 2011

On Osama and Obama

Finally US celebrates all out after the enormous grief of 9/11. Am happy too but just wish and pray that US actually understands the COST OF WAR and not merely mouths the words!! Civilians are civilians everywhere, the battle should be on terrorism and absolutely nothing should merely be shrugged off as collateral damage.

........AND... where else did anyone expect Osama to find shelter?

was my status on FB on hearing the news and press conference

and the status that I loved the most yesterday was

"This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden is not safe in Pakistan. :-P"- Usha Jasti :).

In fact, I know a few friends from Pakistan who would just say the same about their lives out there and  that jokes apart, is of serious concern.

I have so many questions and I do not at all agree with "war for peace'" kind of attitude of US.  I do understand and have seen, courtesy my profession, a number of victims of war, the war veterans with irreparable damage to their bodies and minds, tackling the demons of the battle for no fault of theirs and for no reason Just to make peace where it was none of their or their nation's business.

I have a million doubts about the hush-hush burial of Osama... why??? why???? was there such a rush... and Pakistan's denial of the fact that Osama had no support from them and US's believing it.. only one thing comes to my mind Kasab.

On that note, had Osama been clever he would have taken shelter in India instead of Pakistan, just create a massacre and get caught.  Our govt. would have ensured that he lived in total security and comfort for the rest of life with all VIP privileges... look at Kasab and the cost to nation on him.. man, any terrorist out there listen when you have done what you want to do and lead a peaceful life, come to India, here we welcome with you open hearts, hands and appoint lawyers and security to them and a whole lot of hungama and produce piles and piles of reports cutting down tons and tons of trees in addition to the human loss.. Phew, I digress.. what to do some times the blood just boils!!!

PS Edited to Add

Is the bad guy the one with the B or the S? Oh its all BS.  - Siddharth in Twitter and I totally, totally, totally second it!!!

Chicken Soup...

A huge fan of CS series, I could not but resist to get the mother and mother daughter series. I did not really know a source to get English books to my remote village but when I did these are the first few I ordered and it is only a couple of months ago that I got the books, Flipkart again :).. Power Moms, Indian Mothers and Mother and Daughter.

Being a fast reader, I thought these would take 3 days to finish flat considering how much I wanted to read them but I surprised myself because I could not read beyond one or a few in a day. I tried consciously to read more but just could not then I realized that for me it is overwhelming and I need to let them soak in and enjoy at a much much slower pace which I was already doing subconsciously, so I set this book for bedtime reading for a while now.

Chicken Soup For the Mother and Daughter Soul..
Divided into 8 parts, around 12 stories in each.. A mother's love, a daughter's love, memories, challenges, lessons, like mother like daughter, loss and healing and timeless wisdom each subsection has delightful and heartwarming true tales of love between moms and daughters, so much of love, so much of wisdom all there to pick up the strings and move on.

I wrote letters to my daughter in her first year of life and at times still do when I feel the need to connect to her.  However, what struck me after reading it is, motherhood and the feeling of being a mother are universal, the feelings, the emotions, the language, the commitment, the hardwork, the highs and lows are same everywhere irrespective of geographic boundaries..  Motherhood or being a mother is a passion that comes from  deep within, a feel that is uncomparable to another and one need not actually give birth to be a mom.. just BE ONE.

May 1, 2011


Thanks Rajesh for suggesting this one to me.. This book in fact takes the credit of being the first full book I read on the net, which in fact in itself is a proof as to how much I liked the content... and to Rajesh's credit I must admit that I would not have picked it up even if I chanced up on it somewhere in the library or exhibition because of the drawings in the book.. they are not to my conservative liking though the skill in the sketch is undeniable.

I wanted to get this book and read it somewhere down the line but what started as okay, let me read this one story and then buy it later went on and on and only a really tiring day could keep me from finishing it in one go.

I can clearly say that I have found quite a lot of answers to my questions once I started reading short stories, the intensity of the story, the content, the backdrop one or the other leaves a lingering impression and gives me a lot of things to think about which I normally otherwise wouldn't have..

Coming to this book,

The best of Yandamoori Veerendranath (1969-1994)

It is simply unputdownable one for me.. no other words

A collection of 25 short stories over a span of 25 years with some real good ones out there.. Again, a quick light read, thought provoking. I would not have known the author's profession or area of residence or prefernce looking at his works, he chose varied topics and various dialects suiting the characters...

It indeed is the best of YV, each story bettering the other, tough to say which one I liked the best. there are quite a few.. Ullipaaya which deals with relationships and its deeper layers, Abhishiktam, love unlimited in any which form even to animals, Navve Kanneellu, the feelings and touching emotions of children, Chadarangamlo chacchedi on how everyone benefits in a certain situation and how everyone sees an opportunity in some one else's plight.. you name it and I like it, each story has an in depth message in it, some thing that tackles one issue at a time, touching in a unique way.

Be it a writer's struggle to overcome his feelings and evolve better or be it the inner struggle of a wife, the psyche of a thief, the anger and/or helplessness of a woman, the rapidly changing human values or adherence to what one believes... varied thoughts and each idea is tackled with an ease, with a lot of sensibility and sensitivity bringing out the true emotions in this very real world without a mask.

A very good light read if you happen to love stories as much as I do.

Parishkaaram (Kadhaa Samputi) - Kasinatha Viswam

Second pick,

I have never been into stories before coming to the village.  I always wanted big books because I am a fast reader and small stories would kind of get over soon, so I must say for a good part of my reading life, I missed the opportunity of reading stories.

It is so true that a story or a short story is actually reflection of society and its values and trends at the time of its publication.  As I complete one book after the other, the love just increases.

A collection of 18 stories set in the Rayalaseema backdrop. The author is a teacher by profession so the stories more or less revolve around good values, teaching, writing and bring into light the issues in that region.

In a simple language with just a hint of seema slang, the book is a good light read. Of them all, I liked Narahari - Nijaayitee, a touching story of a postman and Tribhujam which got me as did the author thinking for a while about who the culprit here was and it is indeed the fact I have seen happen in a lot of houses but never thought of it the way the author did.

Shavukaaru - Chakrapani

The marathon begins and I picked up Shavukaru Maro Ayidu Cinema Kadhalu, Kadhaanikalu - A Chakrapani Satajayanti publication. Basically excerpts about movies made under his production banner along with Nagireddy. I had seen movies like Missamma, Gundamma Kadha, Paatala Bhairavi and know that they are Vijaya Movies but nothing more about the people behind it.

Chakrapani is the man behind Chandamama, a book which was an is my all time favorite monthly.

This book also has excepts from Bhanumati's stories on Chakrapani in Yuva magazine.  To be really honest, I did not actually like them too much, not my taste (the stories).

For a person who is too much into biographies and stuff like that who is also a movie buff, it is but natural choice to exhaust all of those first and get into something else.  However, I have never read a book with movie story line as such and this book has one full-length movie story frame by frame and others just rushed with an overall story line.

I have not seen the movie yet, would like to though but when I read the story, I could see and feel the performance of the actors complete with their mannerisms, chengayya, subbi, narayana, ramayya, pantulu and all.

An okay to good read if you are a movie buff, more so if you are into old movies.

For Evil Eyes on LO