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May 20, 2011

100% Love... love, love, love

It has been a while I watched a movie and loved it this good.. naaku piccha picchagaa nacchesindoch. I love Chaitu... muaaaahh. mark my words, he is going to be a lambee racekaa ghoda like his father. For some really personal reason, I like this kid a lot, not after he became a hero or even decided to be one. I happened to watch one of his photos with Ramanaidu's family. He was loved and cared but somehow I felt his eyes showed that he was lost in his own world, something just connected and I liked that kid. I remember saving it on the desktop, I still have it in my photos folder. He was a chubby kid back then, after a while I saw another pic and felt he looked like Nag and liked him even better. When he decided to come into movies, I was looking forward for his first pic, watched it, liked him, his underplayed acting, felt that he had potential and after Yem Maaya Chesave I knew I will follow his every single movie and so 100% was by default a must watch lister :).

Finally could take out some time to check it out. Loved it thoroughly, every single thing about the movie, keeping the logic aside it is a fun movie to watch, the concept was good, the ego concept.. path well tracked by a lot of makers before but what brings about is the freshness in the take, too good, it was a visual treat. Right from the titles to the end, the novelty. Sukumar, the teacher did what he knows best..students, college, life and love. Songs are good, picturization is better. Even the Diyyalo Song in the movie does not come out as so cheap, suits the situation. Being from village background, I now understand that this is how people are in villages, that is how they speak. Tamanna was good... wow that flat belly... innocent, puppy love.. intense puppy love... egoistic puppy love well it is 100% Love. Out and out entertainer, the only thing I did not like in the movie is Tamanna sharing her flashback story with kids, I really hate muduru kids.. but then again, she had no friends as such other than her bava. She looks great, a teeny tiny bit older than Chaitu at some place, loved the plant/flower arrangement in the hero's house post interval :).

Can watch it again, kid will surely love it considering the music is good and she loves all the songs already and already mixes the song's words and says ahooo amma :).. no wonder I look even more bloated than usual ;)).

Overall, a fun movie, worth watching once in theater... family to choodagaligina manchi bujji bulli cinema.

Chaitu has great potential and will only get better anipistundi naaku personally... ,and by the way dance steps inkaa chimpirigaane unnay, chimpiri in a cute way but then I am biased, I like that kid anyways... unbiasedgaa cheppamanna kooda it is good summer movie.. can watch without hesitation, leaving logic behind, just enjoy!!!!

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