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May 22, 2011

Agnes to Mother Teresa..

Mother Teresa - Uttejakara Sanghatanalu - Vimala Mehata and Veerendra Raj Mehta

As do a lot of translations, the book loses its intensity (purely personal opinion). This book deals with experiences of the author with the mother, the life, the calling, the services, the nature of the mother. The miracles associated and the beliefs of the people, her journey from Agnes to Mother Teresa and coincidentally this book comes out in the year of her beatification.

To me, she was the most beautiful person inside out.. each wrinkle adds to her beauty, each line on her face has a story of giving and caring. Heard a lot about her, seen the face many times, have a big poster of hers always at home, still have one framed.. the lady in white and blue..

I thought the lack of bare essentials and amenities in the institutions speaks of its simplicity and it is all about providing them to a lot more people, providing a shelter for those required, frills and fancies are for people gathering funds for self-use, these nuns' only aim is to give it to as many people as possible and my respect only grew multifold.. the efforts of mother to get people to give and to give it to all is something that is awe-inspiring. But then, when a few inmates mentioned that they were told that they are rotting in sin for not believing in Christ and that their suffering now will show them a way... shattering and like everything else frustrating as you can never know the truth.

I had a lot of concerns and personal conflicts about mother. I was or maybe a teeny tiny bit uncomfortable about the rigid religion that comes between the service line. This stems out from a personal experience. I had seen a few lepers and beggars on the streets just close by mother's institutions and when I tried getting them in they were like.. No we won't we are forced to practice religion, we are better off on roads, I am not sure if it was the case when the mother was around and they insist it had been all through. Conflicts, too many.

I understand very well the reason for IGNORANCE IS BLISS... and no I have not seen Hell's Angels which I was suggested to me when I discussed my findings with friends. Neither do I wish to because when in doubt and there is no point finding an answer, just ignore... but still in one corner.. sigh. I would love to think about the service rendered and not the intent behind and pass the same on to the kid... the life she led, the simplicity she followed, the service she rendered, the way she motivated people, I guess there would be none who would bluntly refuse if she went for help immaterial of her personal beliefs.

Not a book if you are searching for answers like me.

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