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May 13, 2011

Andev Kadhalu

A very different style and approach in writing... a collection of stories printed in various magazines between 1953 and 1978, way before the time I was born.. but the style and the problems kind of intrigue me, they have been and are the same, so in a way, the writings must have been way ahead of time back then.

It is a collection of 30 stories, not an easy flow read.. different beyond doubt, progressive, thought provoking.

An okay read for people like me who like smooth flow but a good read for the ones who like a bit of complexity.. All the whole a good collection and must appreciate the efforts to get them all together.


priya said...

hi sree
this is my first comment ever.i regularly follow ur blog and i like ur kind of expressing things.iam glad u liked andev kathalu.he is my peddanana.a very good guy still remembered for his humourous nature.
i am just surprised to see andev kathalu title and i couldnt stop myself writing a comment.nice blog and give my love to ur "LO"

Sree said...

Good to know you Priya and the fact that you are related to the author.. thanks for liking the blog and will give the love to the kid.

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