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May 5, 2011

Broom and Groom

At the first glance I was disappointed by my choice.. In fact I loved the front cover and ordered it through Flipkart of course without reading the gist or content of the book :).  I so want to read I Dare by KB.. it is going to be in the next set.

This book deals about social behavior patterns which could be major put offs and throws a light on how to tackle day to day issues.. in short a book on civic sense.. more of a textbook material than a general read.  At the start, I was like.. why??? why am I reading this, do I have to learn this reading the book isnt it how one should be.. can one change the fiber of his being by reading such behavioral guide books..

As I go deeper I understand and agree with the anguish of the authors regarding the total lack of it these days. This is in short a guide book on how to behave in a group or with another individual.. kind of a behaviour compass which is directed towards improving community living and enhancing social acceptance of an individual.

I personally think this book should be in school syllabus or at least a guidance factor for children in bringing up the children and making them aware about the nuances of general behavior.. a bit too conservative to my liking but yes a good foundation to begin with and work on for children, the generation next.

Not a casual read.

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