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May 7, 2011

Budugu - Jaatar Dhamaal

I have been a big Dennis fan since I used to watch those cartoon strips and also loved that cute little boy.. shouting heloooooooooo Mr. Wilson :) on TV in black and white during my school days.

Budugu and Dennis are poles apart. While Dennis is an imp with childish innocence.. Budugu is our very own muduru Bendakay kid :).

I love the characters that come to life through Bapu's sketches. Seegana pesunaamba, baamma, babaye, amma, naana. It is all about musings of a kid about life and happenings in elder's life, the cute confusion, the language, the need to grow big in an instant to prove that he is not a child.... some thoughts which go through our minds most certainly at some age or the other during the childhood.Definitely not a comic strip read nor do I recommend it for little kids (personal choice).. it is for a little grown up kids and and for elders who want to revisit childhood through his eyes..

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