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May 2, 2011

Chicken Soup...

A huge fan of CS series, I could not but resist to get the mother and mother daughter series. I did not really know a source to get English books to my remote village but when I did these are the first few I ordered and it is only a couple of months ago that I got the books, Flipkart again :).. Power Moms, Indian Mothers and Mother and Daughter.

Being a fast reader, I thought these would take 3 days to finish flat considering how much I wanted to read them but I surprised myself because I could not read beyond one or a few in a day. I tried consciously to read more but just could not then I realized that for me it is overwhelming and I need to let them soak in and enjoy at a much much slower pace which I was already doing subconsciously, so I set this book for bedtime reading for a while now.

Chicken Soup For the Mother and Daughter Soul..
Divided into 8 parts, around 12 stories in each.. A mother's love, a daughter's love, memories, challenges, lessons, like mother like daughter, loss and healing and timeless wisdom each subsection has delightful and heartwarming true tales of love between moms and daughters, so much of love, so much of wisdom all there to pick up the strings and move on.

I wrote letters to my daughter in her first year of life and at times still do when I feel the need to connect to her.  However, what struck me after reading it is, motherhood and the feeling of being a mother are universal, the feelings, the emotions, the language, the commitment, the hardwork, the highs and lows are same everywhere irrespective of geographic boundaries..  Motherhood or being a mother is a passion that comes from  deep within, a feel that is uncomparable to another and one need not actually give birth to be a mom.. just BE ONE.

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