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May 16, 2011

Gatam - Swagatam

I happened to browse through some new books in the Library or the section where new books are now arranged in the local library and chanced upon this book.. having read a mention about it in Oka Charitra - Konni Nijaalu just wanted to read this for a while, so jumped with joy and finished it in one go. I am told the prequel is good and gripping and kind of exposes the rise, shine and fall of NTR, TDP and his role in various things that went right and wrong.

Aptly mentioned by the author Parvathaneni Upendra, it cannot be completely classified as a biography, rather it is a collection of events, issues, people or maybe a dairy of a political observer who was very much into politics holding key posts and being instrumental in historic events in AP politics.

In short, idi aatma kadha kaadu oka aatmaavalokanam :)).

A good read for people interested in politics and biographic stuff like me ;). Wish I can lay hands on the first book though..


Kiran said...

Hey Sree.. I was googling for the same Gatham swagatham by Upendra Parvathaneni.. do you happen to know where can I find a pdf or any online resource ??

Kiran said...

Hey Sree.. nice write up! I been looking for Gatham Swagatham , could you please direct me to a source ?

Thanks in advance!

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