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May 28, 2011

Gulliver's Travels

This is revisit book, when I read the fairy tales I had to read this one once more.. such is my love towards it.. I re-read it back in 2009.. HERE.. too many things have changed in my view point.. but this just does not.

I fell in love with this guy Gulliver and his story back in school when I read the non-detailed book in SSC syllabus. Love every single thing about it, the Lilliput, Blefescu, Brobdingnag... the teeny tiny people and huge monstrous people.. happy in their own world unaware of the problems due to Gullivers size.. Something to imagine and get into a fantasy world.

Superb choice for those who love fantasy.

This time around I read the Vernon Thomas edition :), the one that takes me back to school.


Kranthi said...

Yeah..totally agree with you.
First met Gulliver in fourth class then many times in different classes. . Gulliver Travels took me into a new world of imagination back in school...still love to read that anytime!! :-).The word "lilliput" was such a hit :-)

Thought of watching the movie which was released a few months ago but somehow missed it..!! Did u see ?

Sree said...

Did not like the casting of the movie Kranthi, Gulliver is my hero.. Jack Black is not :)... considering this is a modern take on the tale, I might end up watching some day... There is not even a single movie I felt was better than the book so far hence the decision.

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