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May 18, 2011

Icons From the World of Arts

Translations to me have always been a tough read, the smooth flow isn't there somehow no matter how good the translation is I kind of feel it does not convey what the actual author intended to convey. I began with reading Sarath Sahityam translated by B. Sivaramakrishna garu, supposed to be the best translation, all the 7 volumes actually. I did not quite take to the very critically acclaimed literature work. I fail to understand why the very strong women end up with spineless heroes, I personally do not quite connect with them. After a long hesitation thanks to the sour taste it left, I picked up one translation and must say thought i like the content, I am not really happy with the translation part of it.

I loved the cover page MS. SubbaLakshmi photo so much and just could not resist picking it up to get an idea about life and struggle and dedication of 10 stalwarts in the field of their chosen creative art form.

Classical, traditional, conventional, achievers in their own world an intro to the people whose contribution to these arts is just beyond words.

Learnt more about those maestros, their struggle, some tiny anecdotes pitched in here and there. Dr. Padma Subhramanyam, Lata Mangeshkar, L. Subramanyam, Ustad Amzad ali khan, Zakir Hussain, MF Hussein, ARR, MS, Birju Maharaj, Nandagopal.. we can find so much of information on the net if we intend to search but found some interesting things which actually made me want to look for more about them, their passion, their dedication and most importantly their contribution to the art form they have chosen.

Interesting read.

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