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May 13, 2011

Madhura Swapnam

I remember seeing a movie by this name and that song with the title name too...the novel has an old world charm, all through when I was reading it, it was like I could see some characters, dont really remember the characters of the movie but I could assign some people to those :).. I know I am crazy.

A dedicated doctor decides to serve poor in the village, gets into some issues with the head of the village when a girl is raped and killed by his BIL and moves out of the village not yielding to his request to take the case off. Events turn into the couple losing the baby, shattered with loss of baby and no scope to have children again, the couple moves on. Doc with a vengeance to earn money wherein he comes in contact with another dancer and her rich father, friendship blossoms and the misunderstandings thereafter and a happy ending constitutes the movie.

Typical Typical 70-80s Telugu movie material :).

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