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May 19, 2011

Meter Down, Down, Down..

These days I do not really know what has set in but I am really not able to focus on stuff, get anything done, and most of all focus on work, so many things in the mind, nothing is getting done.. wanted to do a Beat the Heat series on the picture blog, could not venture out in the heat and the day I finally did, the battery died on me..

The worst hit is the job front with something or the other going on, I need to focus and not lose the credibility with quality and since I am not in a position to guarantee the same, I am just not able to move forward... am on a break, too many things going on in life, back to cooking, cleaning, running around... got out of touch for a while... crib, crib, crib, crib.. and more crib mood..


HarshaBharath said...

take a break!!!

Sireesha said...

Take it easy. Relax and try to do one thing at a time. This will pass.

As Harsha said, take a break ad rejuvenate yourself.

Good luck!

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