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May 28, 2011

Mommyhood Tag

Hammayya, finally releasing this one.. this one has been in the draft mode for 3 days...

It's been a while since us Mommybloggers came up with something to celebrate, well, mommyhood, so the lovely Monika and Kiran came up with this. A tag that has us list out five lessons of life that Mommyhood has taught us, these could be sweet, bitter, funny, touching, whatever. These could be survival tips or cooking tips, or something as simple as the best thing to get puke smell out of hair.
So, the rules are simple. Put the badge up. Write out five lessons that Mommyhood taught you. And tag five mommy bloggers.

There are too many things that being a mommy taught me, but to put down the first five that come to my mind as of now at this point...

Never Ever Neglect Yourself and Put the Kids needs in front of yours 24x7 every single time.
Well, I was a paranoid mother the first year of life of the kid, anything and everything used to scare the hell out of me.  It is no good trying to be a supermom, a mother is a human after all.  Take care of one's own health and try get back to shape within no time because once you postpone it the endless layers of fat never seem to really go, take time for self, work out, get fit.  The kid learns from you, absorb everything from you, being tired and sick all the time is not going to help either of you, so take care of yourself and the kid is automatically taken care of by you.  Stretch marks and pot belly maybe the badges of motherhood I would proudly want to display but that is not an excuse for being overweight.

Being a supermom is a myth..
Take things one at a time, do not feel shy to take help, do not feel bad for wanting to take rest, do not feel bad for wanting to run away... do not go on guilty trip each time the kid cries or falls.  It is but natural.  There is no way I can kill my own baby by sheer negligence, so relax..

Protective and possessive to the extremes in not good for the kid.  Advices are plenty, follow your heart.
When I used to see a few mothers and kids who behave they are the only mighty ones and their fruits of the womb are the best, others are lesser mortals and I had that fear that maybe I will turn out to be one too.  I love my kid more than anything but I am thankful I do not fall into that trap.  It is in fact possible to be nonjudgmental about kids.  It is possible to keep your mouth shut and not end up giving lectures on how to bring up a kid to another mother.  It is the key not to fret on little things or get furious about what other people have to say about your parenting, just give a smile and do not let them affect you and even if they do affect you, don't let the other person know they did..phew!!

I am a lot more tougher than I actually thought I was
I always knew I was strong but that I could stretch beyond unthinkable at some point is something new.  If I could go through the most vulnerable phase with a tiny life in my hands, I can, I guess tough out anything in this world if I get my will together.

Kids have amazing sensors.. do not underestimate
It is not right to say that these are kids, they do not understand anything, through experience I have realized that they have amazing sensors, they are more emotionally tuned to handle things than we realize they are and they are sponges absorbing everything they come in contact with, good, bad, ugly.. so do not be paranoid and be the way you want them to be...

Most importantly being a mother made me realize that I most essentially want and love just to be ME.  Mom to my kid, sure, but mommyhood is just a role I am playing, the core me is essentially just the same, the need to be just me has increased if anything.

I would tag

and tweak this tag a little bit for fathers and want Chandu to do it... and any one of the readers without a blog, would love the comment section filled with yours... Sandhya, Radha.. knock knock listening??


Radha said...

:) ya listening.....
andaru ammalu general ga okela feel avutaru.... mostly meeru cheppinavaatilo chala varaku naaku kooda anipinchinave...kaani special ga cheppalante one or two
... pillalni manam kannam kaabatti entha kashtam aina maname penchali kaani inka evari meeda aa responsibiity rudda koodadu ani nerchukunna... adi kashtamo nashtamo picho verro ... mana pillalu mana chetillo perugutunte aa santosham veru..
...ika pillala nundi ekkuva expect cheyyakoodadu ani nerchukunna.. afterall theyare kids.. vaallu allari chestaru.. pakka intlo gaarelu cheste adigi techukuntaaru.. chocolates istanante alanti pani aina chesestaru... ekkuva decency ni discipline ni vaalla daggara nundi expect chesi nenu irritate kaakoodadu ani nerchukunna. ofcourse kontha age varake, elago manam vaalla burra tintune vuntam kaabatti manchi alavaatlu vachestai after some time..
..... inka mana ishtaalani vaalla meeda rudda koodadu ani kooda nerchukunna, bommarillu father laaga pedda mudda thinu vontiki padutundi... ee colour dress vesuko methaga vontiki haayiga untundi ani..:) kids have their own choice.. adi accept cheyyali ani nerchukunna... hahaha
....ento evevo cheptunna... pillalu anagaane automatic ga nerchukone inko vishayam health conciousness. manchi food habits manam chesukunte, automatic ga vaallu kooda ave follow avutaru.. appudappudu being non-healthy is ok. but health meeda avagahana nenu follow ayyi vaalla ni kooda follow cheyinchali.....
hmmmmmm chala ekkuvaipoindi.. ika chaallle

చందు said...

1) Grow with them. Along with my daughter I started acting like her, thinking like her and I am still growing with her every day. I literally used to crawl on carpets and floors to see what kind of things are dangerous for her when she started crawling. Sang many songs to understand what songs make good lullabies. Seen lot of videos to understand what appeals to her at what age. I watch getting down to her stage and keeping myself in her shoes all the time.
When you are in a crowded place kids want you to carry them. Most of the parents don't understand why? Because at their height it is scary when they are surrounded with people 4 to 6 times their height. You will only understand if you can see from their height. I used to carry her on my shoulder and Siri used to enjoy a lot even in crowded places.
2) Don't kill their curiosity by discipline. If she feels like jumpimg in a puddle let her do it. You can wash the dress, clean the shoes, buy another pair of socks. Let her pet the dog. Just tell her the rules for petting the dog. Answer all the questions if you can.
3) Be happy always when you are around them. That makes them happy. Every one likes a happy child. Trust me, you will be proud when every one complements you for being a lucky parent. You make friends even at the doctor's office.
4) Build anticipation and it gives them more joy. Kids like surprises. Build anticipation and then give them a surprise.
5) Punish them first time and you don't have to do it again. When kids are crossing their limits for the first time you tell them not to repeat it and shall punish them if they do. Kids like to test the limits. You warn them again and punish them next time. I like to count1,2 and 3 loud. First time when I counted three I actully put her in time out. Next time no matter what she is doing if I count up to two she stops and observes my reaction. Because she knows if I say three she is going in time out. If mommy or any uncles come for her rescue they also find themselves in time out.

I have a lot more to add, I will post a blog for it some day.

Sree said...

sailu... thank you... it is never too big when kids are in question.

Sree said...

Chandu... interesting inputs... waiting for the blog post.

Renuka said...

Interesting!! Soon will come up with mine.

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