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May 5, 2011

Naanna Nenu - Bujjaayi

Well, I can say that I have come from the age of reading cartoons to a point where I look beyond the cartoon and the person behind it.. pretty much covers the journey of my reading and preferences:).  It is an EH buy.. featured among their biographies, could not resist getting it.

It is a biography of Bujjaayi the son of the popular poet and movie lyric writer Devulapalli Krishna Sastri.. which reminds me of the song.. krishna sastri kavitalaa, krishna veni pongulaa.. gala, gala!! I have never been a fan of poetry I do appreciate simple stuff but cannot truly enjoy it..

This gives an indepth idea of leading a life with a legend, among the legends in Telugu literature and fine arts, not having school education, yet giving some real good Telugu cartoon strips.. story of a life of a son who came out of the prominent father's shadow and carved a niche for himself.  He is not a good writer and it shows but what strikes a reader is the innocence and truth and the general true feelings without masking them with the magic of words.

A good read if you are into biographies.. not a great work of literature but an honest effort.

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