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May 9, 2011

Naluguriki nacchinadi, naakasale nacchaduro ;).

Movie:  Takkari Donga

Naluguriki nacchinadi naakasale ika nacchaduro
narulevaru nadavanidi aa routelone nadichedaro - naluguriki-
pogarani andaru annaa... adi maatram na naijam
teguvani kondaru annaa... adi naalo mannerism
-nindu chandurudu oka vaipu chukkalu oka vaipu
nenu okkadini okavaipu lokam okavaipu- -2-

nuvvu nilabadi neellu taagadam... nothing special
parugulettutu paalu taagadam... something special
ninnu adigite nijam cheppadam... nothing special
appudappudu tappu cheppadam... something special
lenivaadiki daanamivvadam... nothing special
oo lenivadiki daanamivvadam... nothing special
unnavaadidi dochukelladam... something special

buddimantudi brand dakkadam... nothing special
pokirodilaa perukekkadam... something special
raaja margamuna mundukelladam... nothing special
doddi daarilo doosukelladam... something special
haayi kaligite navvu chindadam... nothing special
badha kaliginaa navvutundadam... something special -nindu chandurudu-

When the movie was released, I so loved this song.. the lyrics and everything :).

I don't know why but I remembered this song early in the morning.. just felt like screaming out loud and sing in the already hot morning, cant believe it is just 7 a.m... phew!!! :).. just the heat, the mood I guess...

Listen Here

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