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May 30, 2011

Nenu... Naa Raakshasi!!!

Well, this is a memorable one in the sense I watched it with my little raakshasi.. the first movie we both alone went together, so kind of a milestone movie for us and with an apt title, who is the raakshasi is something that we need to decide at a later time though ;).  She likes the music track and in the balcony only both of us were there as usual, so with the kid playing around with the toys and she dancing to the music in between just exactly the way I love to watch a movie, I loved the movie all the more.  Even though it is a non-ac dabba-most theater that one can come across, I have a special place for this place in my heart.  I would, in no other way, take the kid to an overcrowded theater, feel like it is a personal projector for us.. the most number of people any time we went to theater in the balcony were, at the max 20, so you can clearly see the reason.

Coming to the movie, I really loved it.. the minus point of the movie was the stretched first half and rushed second half, a different concept kind of ruined in spite of good casting and intriguing stuff, the suspense aspect was kept till the very end as to why all this but still rushed out towards the end kind of takes off the tight grip.  The obsession of the main leads with death, be it the guy killing or the girl being a spectator to suicides and then uploading on the net, starts off on a promising note but somewhere down the line the whole concept dwindles.

 Heard only negative reviews of the movie or at the max okay average wait for the DVD, it came as a surprise to me that I actually liked it.

Ileana, a little more plumpier than usual looks wow, not much drama, in fact maybe actually first time that she actually performed rather than being a prop or a glamor doll, felt good.

Rana I, always have doubts how we would fit into the role, certainly looked good.  Seeing his physique and unconventional looks (to me he is like that giant Gulliver in Lilliput land ;) of Telugu Cinema), I think it is difficult for anyone to actually perceive how he will actually turn out to be on the screen without seeming odd but he did manage fine in both the movies I watched.  Crisp, no-nonsense, clear acting, I like, like.  He actually makes it seem very easy and effortless but it certainly takes a lot to have that restraint in a drama-based medium and the hard work really shows in terms of body, looks, consistency.  Dressing was cool and simple.  I would most certainly look forward to his next movies.

Ali and Mumaith ruined the flow of the movie, the movie would have fared a lot better with a seriously different concept minus these two people.  Really cheap track, derogatory and downright disgusting.

I did not like the music a lot other than the theme the first time but it is of the kind that grows on you... Paditinammo is undoubtedly the common favorite for me and the kid.. Meenaacchi and Papam punyam are good too forgetting the lyrics :).  Starting of the song.." Devudu vaadikedo pani kaavali kaabatti...blah, blah, blaah.... aayanni confuse chesainaa haayigaa batikeyyaali... my funda!!! in a way though not completely... needless to say, love love love!!!

Can watch it!!  Good concept with lopsided execution... chaala chaala rojula taravaata puri konchem pongindi but overallgaa papad laaga kara karalaadindi, puri feel raaledu, buck up man puri !!!


HarshaBharath said...

nenu movie choose sahasam cheyyaledu...

mee review choosaka okasari choodam anela vundi...

Sree said...

choosinaaka elaagundo cheppu Harsha...

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