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May 21, 2011

New age movies, heroes, stories and me..

With some heavyduty reading I had been doing for a while, I thought I would just take a teeny tiny break and have it balanced, so sneaked a bit and watched a few movies.. back to back movie watching days seem to have gone, I just can manage one a day. Saw Mr. Perfect and then came back home and watched Darling.. Prabhas overdose it was, but I am not complaining :).

Wow, the standards of movie making are going up by the day. I like a movie when it is based on a story or a concept. I hate it when it is made on a Star's image. The reason the movies of people like Balayya, Chiru or even Nag these days do not click is that they are made keeping in view the hero's image. I love watching the movies where the story or the theme is the hero. Underplaying, cutting out drama, subtle acting, cool and witty dialogues this is the recipe for a movie to go down well with me. That was precisely the reason I liked Nag back then refreshingly underplaying in the age of heavyduty drama. While I agree that NTR, ANR, Krishna were legends I do not like their over-action, it was clearly action... NATANA.. sahajatvam ekosaana leni natana. I personally feel drama is for theater and subtelity is for movies.

I am not talking about reality movie or movie as an art-form, I know movies are for entertaining, even though things are far from logic, I need it presented in a pleasing way where I am thoroughly entertained, I should love a whole package, I should forget the rest, fans, movie mania, it should just be refreshing to watch. The reason I like Naga Chaitanya is precisely the same, I have not seen him trying to rise above the character, he just does the needful, I guess the younger lot is pretty much sensible about this.. NTR. Jr. needs to change a bit though :)... with Shakti, he is way below below my expected standards and Pawan Kalyan, phew.. that is one breed of acting that I can do without, what has gone to his head.

Chaitu... a good actor in making, need to tap the energy just a little.
NTR... cut that clan crap and get back to reality and stop hanging on to tatagaru, nandamuri, babaye, anna stuff show us more of you.. maa taatalu netulu taagaaru maa mootulu vaasana choodandi ante kudaradoy pillakay!!
Mahesh  Great looking genes, masking the age, really cute, do not give so much of a gap in between movies, some good story and not the star image factor.
Siddharth - Intelligent hero with zero potential needed films, need to focus on selecting the movies...
Manoj  Power packed, huge potential, energetic, experimental, fun-loving.. watching out for more.
Allari Naresh - He is a master of all trades.. just needs a director to tap his potential and there he is for you, branded for comedy, he is good with sentiment too, good, down-to-earth.. minimum guarantee actor.
Rana.. sensible, technically talented, intelligent, hardworking, good marketing skills, great voice,
revulo taadichettu, unconventional looks, need to choose the subjects more cautiously than the rest to suit him.
Ravi Teja Good in his usual way, entertaining, drama king, but still I enjoy that brand of comedy and style.  Knows his limits, enjoys what he does and I enjoy watching them on screen.
Nitin - What in the name of God are you trying to do, get real, get you act right... see the movies you have done before you sign a new one, do you even like to watch them as part of audience???
Allu Arjun - Good, great dancer, has his own style and sense, hate his hair style but love his movies, good selection.
Charan - Chiruta to me is yuck, Magadheera is good, Rajamouli all the way, yet to see him as him, so no comments.
Uday Kiran - My real-life buddy from the past, long long time since we met, watched all the movies.. Chitram was super, was wondering how he could be a hero with that "mee peddollanta inte" type of a dialogue delivery but happy that he did good, gone without a trace now, people say it is Chiru at play, I think it is your choice of movies nothing went really well after the initial three.  I seriously doubt Chiru being a man in mess himself, can do anything to mess up someone else's life at this juncture at least.. Waiting for a good one... again, just because he is a buddy nothing else, so work on it!!

Prabhas - He is stylish, experiments with his looks in almost all the movies, but that is not too striking or does not affect his performance.  He is tall and huge without seeming to be so, great body, fit, intense, fun-loving.  There is a quirky reason I like this guy.  More than physical presence, dressing or even eye contact, I kind of look at people's hands and fingers and take a liking to them.  The first thing I notice about the person is overall appearance in a glance and then focus on to hands and if the conversation is boring, the feet ;).  Safe zone is the hands because you don't embarrass the person looking into the eye most of the time and in some people hands do more talking than the whole body :).  When I saw him on screen the first time, I was like wow, this is some looker, am going to love this guy and then his hands and fingers and the pains he takes for a new look in each of his movies, the way he says daaling, the smile, the dance steps, the dressing that unique Prabhas mark.  Billa was a downer, could not really watch it for him or for Anushka, better choose good ones that suit the audience taste.  Mr. Perfect is just good for him and for us to watch.

Got to do another one on heroines some time... :)... and no doubts for guessing, Anushka wins hands down :).


Sandhya said...

Well, I agree with you that veteran heroes actually overacted and overreacted in most scenes.

The new breed of actors are exposed to lot of technology and are in touch with fans through FB and Twitter, something that the veterans were deprived of. They just catered to their respective fans based on the feedback they got for their movies.

I agree with your observations on the new breed of heroes. I find Allu Arjun and Rana talented. Manchu Manoj, NC I cannot comment as I have not seen much of them. Nitin, the lesser said the better. I always felt he never had the proper package to be a hero. That he needed dubbing did not help him much. Uday Kiran started on a promising note. His voice was pathetic. "Mee pedollunnare..." God knows why he was not told to re-do his dubbing. But he did possess talent which was underutilized. Siddarth is good except that he needs to learn diction and pronounciation properly. What did he think he was doing when he acted in Aata? Total misfit in that role. He should stop projecting the image of Mr. know-all genius.

As you said, I really liked Nag for bringing in the concept of underplaying a role and popularizing subtle acting. The new breed of actors seem to be knowing their limitations and strengths. They have a long way to go....

You should do a post on Telugu heroines. You can count on fingers heroines who are native speakers. Kada?

Chandu said...

liked the article :)

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