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May 7, 2011

Oka Charitra - Konni Nijaalu - Dr. Daggubati Venkateswar Rao.

The inside story from the closest horse's aide is what I would say it is.  The story of NTR and his political journey the way he would have done had he been alive.  Seems to be an honest attempt to bring forth the nitty-gritties of things that played a major role in making TDP the force it was, the blemish that it got, the people in it and their mentalities.  When I first read about it I was like okay so Congress is using the couple yet another time... the divide and rule.  Purandhareswari and DBV come across as a sensible couple though DBV is more prone to emotions and their display than restraint and it also shows in the book.

It predominantly tries to focus on the nature of CBN, why he did things the way he did or if he did, how he did and stuff like that..  It is a political read or read for an NTR fan.. if you are interested in politics you will get glued it an out and out pro-Nandamoori family... in simple words as DP put it "Intlo pettanamantaa baavayyade kaani babuladi kadu.." A dialogue from NTR's movie that later became the single line story of his life.

The book does touch some sensitive issues but is not a reveal all.. it is basically DBV coming out with a clean chit.. seemed like confessing stuff reduces the impact of the evil or whatever.  It comes across as a family, family and more of family which is not surprising.  A great deal of rushing when it comes to the part where the reader wants it to be a bit more clear and slower and elaborating more on CBN and his attitude and behavior and malice.

It does not really do much other than claiming that all the important historic events with regard to the party have in fact been initiated or implemented to start with by him lamenting about the manipulative and self-promoting skills of CBN.. Overall an okay read for reader with political interest and in particular interest in Nandamoori clan.

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Renuka said...

With all your book reviews, i'm feeling that urgent need to buy few books & reading them...

I really envy you all!

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