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May 2, 2011

On Osama and Obama

Finally US celebrates all out after the enormous grief of 9/11. Am happy too but just wish and pray that US actually understands the COST OF WAR and not merely mouths the words!! Civilians are civilians everywhere, the battle should be on terrorism and absolutely nothing should merely be shrugged off as collateral damage.

........AND... where else did anyone expect Osama to find shelter?

was my status on FB on hearing the news and press conference

and the status that I loved the most yesterday was

"This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden is not safe in Pakistan. :-P"- Usha Jasti :).

In fact, I know a few friends from Pakistan who would just say the same about their lives out there and  that jokes apart, is of serious concern.

I have so many questions and I do not at all agree with "war for peace'" kind of attitude of US.  I do understand and have seen, courtesy my profession, a number of victims of war, the war veterans with irreparable damage to their bodies and minds, tackling the demons of the battle for no fault of theirs and for no reason Just to make peace where it was none of their or their nation's business.

I have a million doubts about the hush-hush burial of Osama... why??? why???? was there such a rush... and Pakistan's denial of the fact that Osama had no support from them and US's believing it.. only one thing comes to my mind Kasab.

On that note, had Osama been clever he would have taken shelter in India instead of Pakistan, just create a massacre and get caught.  Our govt. would have ensured that he lived in total security and comfort for the rest of life with all VIP privileges... look at Kasab and the cost to nation on him.. man, any terrorist out there listen when you have done what you want to do and lead a peaceful life, come to India, here we welcome with you open hearts, hands and appoint lawyers and security to them and a whole lot of hungama and produce piles and piles of reports cutting down tons and tons of trees in addition to the human loss.. Phew, I digress.. what to do some times the blood just boils!!!

PS Edited to Add

Is the bad guy the one with the B or the S? Oh its all BS.  - Siddharth in Twitter and I totally, totally, totally second it!!!

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Sandhya said...

Sree, a thoughtful post. I have been reading related news about the successful operation. The world's most wanted terrorist is laid to rest. I like your sarcastic comment regarding OBL taking refuge in India. Surely, he would have been protected well. We are seeing how Kasab is being treated like a celebrity.

By the way, I see that in the 4th full paragraph of the post, it reads "...burial of Obama". Please correct it. The names are very crucial, ha ha.

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