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May 16, 2011

A quick peek... on cooking and reading...

These days I got real busy with job and change and kid and a whole lot of things... Looks like a real wrong time to make the job change.. the past few days have seen me doing stuff which I have not done in a while.. cooking.. aaaww...uurrrghhhhh!! I just am a cook-o-phobic, a cooked up word by me:((.. I am so hating to go near that stove even to do a simple thing like putting some rice in the cooker...grrrr... I just hope this is a passing phase.. In the past 3 yrs, it was only once I cooked a full course meal and other than boiling, mashing, grinding, tossing baby foods for the daughter I hardly made anything.

Mom does the cooking now, when she is not around the domestic help does the cooking.. one doesn't know cooking but she knows how to use the gas stove and cooker while the other can cook well but is scared of the stove but between them they manage to give me something to eat and I have absolutely nothing to complain about the arrangement ;).. IF nothing, they opened a curry point in our village, just simple... get stuff from there and cooking baby meals is kind of okay with me 'cos I love doing it for the kid. The joke at home is that I will teach the kid cooking as soon as she can and get rid of it for once and for all :).

Mom and me are poles apart in aspect of cleanliness like everything else, so while mom and the kid are a tsunami and hurricane respectively destroying the order and cleanliness in one sweep, me and the help constantly put them back. Mom in the kitchen is just like a tornado hit a city, everything is a mess but the food is tasty which I can kind of take as I hardly enter the kitchen which is actually an all-together separate division from the living space at home :), exclusive her territory for a while now.

Now that mom is kind of out for 40 days, it is something that has to be tackled. I should have a real neat kitchen to able to do anything right, so the past few days has been a blur of activity, cleaning, arranging, rearranging, refilling, restocking stuff.. for me to cook, the daughter to watch over and the help to hover around...phew!!! It has been exhausting considering the heat and most importantly, the unwillingness part of it.

I was mentioning to mom, the marathon part.. my reading books as part of marathon and she was like.. oh is it??? I thought you have cut-down on reading these days :)))... I was just thinking you are reading less these days :)... and strangely that is true for an avid, voracious reader like me, my reading is getting lesser and lesser these days. I know more about the books and content in the local library than the librarian who kind of asks me where to find such and such book..phew!!!

With the marathon, I have cut down on reading the regular weekly and monthly magazines that I usually read Navya, Swathi, Jyothi, Chatura, Vipula, Chandamama, Chinuku, misimi, kathakeli, Ramakrishna Prabha, Wisdom, Outlook :)... when I went to the library the other day and saw the stack of magazines that I am yet to read I was like.. my God, the backlog and what about the marathon and then I realize I have been on a marathon all along and just took a break this past month trying to consciously read something and let the world know I do while earlier I was reading for the pleasure of it... BUT.. Marathon or not, greedy readers like me can never get enough of it!!!

I just cant wait to lay my hands on Week and Outlook and get my quota of news and views across the nation... I need to beat the heat and get it going... phew!!!!!!


Anonymous said... sailing in the same boat...Marathon start ayaaka regulargaa chadive books annee pakkana pettesaa...Boldanni backlogs :(

Renuka said...

We both have a commong song to sing "We hate cooking". I don't hate it as it is, but kinda feels excited if i don't have to..Ofcourse, these days cooking kingdom is in safe hands of MIL :)

Librarywala Blogs said...

Hey Sree,
Your reading marathon concept seems to interest us a lot. Why dont you tell us more about it.

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