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May 28, 2011

Sanichari - Mahaswetha Devi

it is actually a collection of translated short stories of Mahaswetha Devi by Nirmalananda.

The impact of Bengali literature on Telugu readers and book lovers is undeniable.. be it Tagore or Sarath, we devour them all. Mahaswetha Devi though not as popular and though not as many works of her are translated is a unique writer whose works are associated with tribals, atrocities on them, the day to day life of the tribal women, youth, children, their problems, welfare and highs and lows. She has made heroes out of the much ignored lot. Her works forced the people to look at the lesser privileged lot, come out of the urban aura and acknowledge the contribution of tribals in freedom struggle and all.

Saahityam dwaara udyamam cheyyatam anedi aavida pratyekata ani naa feeling.

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