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May 1, 2011

Shavukaaru - Chakrapani

The marathon begins and I picked up Shavukaru Maro Ayidu Cinema Kadhalu, Kadhaanikalu - A Chakrapani Satajayanti publication. Basically excerpts about movies made under his production banner along with Nagireddy. I had seen movies like Missamma, Gundamma Kadha, Paatala Bhairavi and know that they are Vijaya Movies but nothing more about the people behind it.

Chakrapani is the man behind Chandamama, a book which was an is my all time favorite monthly.

This book also has excepts from Bhanumati's stories on Chakrapani in Yuva magazine.  To be really honest, I did not actually like them too much, not my taste (the stories).

For a person who is too much into biographies and stuff like that who is also a movie buff, it is but natural choice to exhaust all of those first and get into something else.  However, I have never read a book with movie story line as such and this book has one full-length movie story frame by frame and others just rushed with an overall story line.

I have not seen the movie yet, would like to though but when I read the story, I could see and feel the performance of the actors complete with their mannerisms, chengayya, subbi, narayana, ramayya, pantulu and all.

An okay to good read if you are a movie buff, more so if you are into old movies.

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