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May 16, 2011

Swathi Chinukulu

This is a beautiful collection of 312 editorial articles from the Telugu Weekly and Monthly Swathi. These are very small write-ups about a page length with big font, a good read, with good values, showing us the biggest truths of life in a very simple and easily understandable way.. not big lectures but simple write-ups.

This is going to be another stretched out read for me. Again, a bedtime read to end the day on a beautiful note with wonderful thoughts.

Aptly compared as "kondani addamlo choopinchadam laaga" putting the gist of great morals of life in simple easily understandable sentences with good examples. For a sucker of Chicken Soup like me, it is refreshing to see something like that in Telugu :).


Renuka said... people are reading like crazy...i just love Swathi magazine...guess, i started reading them from age 10 or so..but recently heard some negative remarks abt the content, neverthless i love it :)

Sree said...

Renu.. on the contrary, I think content wise the magazine has come a long way, it has improved.. I have not been reading it for a while though after the family feud.. got busy with job, marathon and of course you know Sreya... Swathi fan club undi anukuntaa ikkada. I have skipped reading it for the past 3 months.. anni chakkaga katta katti unnay pandu gaadiki andakundaa.

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