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May 30, 2011


With the break that I am having due to various reasons, am catching up with all the movies which end up in our dabba Poornima :).  I am amazed at the speed they are ending up in this theater these days.  Earlier for a movie to come to this remote place it used to take up a whole lot of time, in fact we used to get it in TV before it actually came to theater but these days with the short life of the movies they come up faster here and I can really tell the business the movie did based on how long it stays in the local theater.  Teenmaar was there for 3 days :), Manasaara 1 day, Mirapakay 2 weeks, AOD 2 days, Shakti 6 days... so if I want to see a movie I should either watch it on day 1 or 2 lest I see another poster the next day.

Coming to the movie, the lesser said the better, half the time I did not understand what Pawan was saying and to my limited knowledge, I thought it was more of Spanish than Italian he was claiming it to be.  I did not watch Love Aaj Kal so no prejudices, no idea about the concept and all and still I ended up wanting a refund, so no wonder those who watched LAK felt the way they did.  Totally agree with the reviews.  The best thing about the movie is Trisha, I have not felt she was beautiful until this movie, she looked super good.  When people used to go ga-ga over Trisha and her looks I was like what?? there are a lot more talented girls and always felt and still feel she is an overrated actor in the recent times.  The movie is definitely not for conventional audience,  too bold to my taste, too confusing for my simple-movie watching concept, did not understand the link between two PKs story lines in the movie, a thin story line, a thinner acting line!!.. got to agree one thing that only PK could draw at least those few initial audience to the theater... The fact that I did not understand anything about the movie begins from the main lead's name itself.. Michael Velayudhan?????  considering his parents who pop in between the story somewhere seemingly traditional Hindus speaking proper Telugu, neither first name nor the last name matches.. phew!!! too much of thinking on my part for this movie.. sigh!!!.

I waited a long time before deciding to go for this one minus the kid of course, can wait for the DVD to be out and can watch it in fast forward mode if you still want to watch the movie.  The first half I just was reaching out for the remote forgetting i was in the theater and it really took a lot of personal effort not to just come out of the theater... BORING.. to a large extent.  Personal opinion, can skip it altogether.

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