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May 18, 2011

Two States - CB

Chetan Bhagat has come up with a good book almost as good and crisp and clear and cute as Five Point Someone which actually got me hooked on to reading his books.

Read all the four books, FPS, One night@ Call Center, 3 mistakes of my life, and 2 states.. of them all I found ONCC a bit too over the top, 3 MOML just about fine but 2 states is a simple story.. south girl north boy love story which ends in a happy marriage convincing both sets of parents. I loved the dedication, acknowledgements and the story that goes with it. The style of writing makes it all the more impressive in an otherwise very very thin story line.

Like his other two books which formed the base for movies 3 idiots (Aamir) and Hello (Salman), this I guess is slated to be made into a movie. There was news that Saif and PC would star in it and now the latest is Shahrukh and Asin.. well, to be honest it is not a movie that I would like to see established... err.. oldies acting some fresh faces, a new pairing maybe.. someone like a spunky Deepika or Sonam and Ranbir or maybe a totally new hero.

One very lovely thing about CB books is their pricing.. I love the Flipkart pricing of his books, less than hundred, easy reads, good buys.. Rupa & Co does a good job of marketing too.

A good read for readers who love simple, crisp, witty, easy language flow..


Sandhya said...

I just read the review on Keerthi's blog and posted a comment. Seems like it is not yet approved. Yes, I liked this novel too. It is hilarious. The characterizations are simply superb. I liked the style of narration. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Sree said...


Yeah, we coincidentally picked the same book on same day as I was lazy I did not even review the book on EH :), left it for Keerthi to do it.

Kranthi said...

FPS was outstandingly brilliant,i felt. After reading ONCC.i kinda lost interest in CB's writings.Will try to read Two States sometime.

Just thought of asking you : What's your take on Fountainhead ?
(Answering is not mandatory though :-) )

Sree said...

@Kranthi... same here, ONCC left a bitter taste :).

Fountainhead is one book which I have to read some time soon. I tried to read it many times but the max I could finish was one paragraph. I actually heard so much about the book that I reserved it for my best reading mood to go for it.. and it is yet to come.

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