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May 1, 2011


Thanks Rajesh for suggesting this one to me.. This book in fact takes the credit of being the first full book I read on the net, which in fact in itself is a proof as to how much I liked the content... and to Rajesh's credit I must admit that I would not have picked it up even if I chanced up on it somewhere in the library or exhibition because of the drawings in the book.. they are not to my conservative liking though the skill in the sketch is undeniable.

I wanted to get this book and read it somewhere down the line but what started as okay, let me read this one story and then buy it later went on and on and only a really tiring day could keep me from finishing it in one go.

I can clearly say that I have found quite a lot of answers to my questions once I started reading short stories, the intensity of the story, the content, the backdrop one or the other leaves a lingering impression and gives me a lot of things to think about which I normally otherwise wouldn't have..

Coming to this book,

The best of Yandamoori Veerendranath (1969-1994)

It is simply unputdownable one for me.. no other words

A collection of 25 short stories over a span of 25 years with some real good ones out there.. Again, a quick light read, thought provoking. I would not have known the author's profession or area of residence or prefernce looking at his works, he chose varied topics and various dialects suiting the characters...

It indeed is the best of YV, each story bettering the other, tough to say which one I liked the best. there are quite a few.. Ullipaaya which deals with relationships and its deeper layers, Abhishiktam, love unlimited in any which form even to animals, Navve Kanneellu, the feelings and touching emotions of children, Chadarangamlo chacchedi on how everyone benefits in a certain situation and how everyone sees an opportunity in some one else's plight.. you name it and I like it, each story has an in depth message in it, some thing that tackles one issue at a time, touching in a unique way.

Be it a writer's struggle to overcome his feelings and evolve better or be it the inner struggle of a wife, the psyche of a thief, the anger and/or helplessness of a woman, the rapidly changing human values or adherence to what one believes... varied thoughts and each idea is tackled with an ease, with a lot of sensibility and sensitivity bringing out the true emotions in this very real world without a mask.

A very good light read if you happen to love stories as much as I do.


Jyothi Nayak said...

Hi!!! can u plz. share the link, if you don't mind

Jyothi Nayak said...

hi, story link post cheyyagalara

Sree said...

Sree said...

Done.. please check it.. this is the first time I ever read a book like this without buying or borrowing.. so feel a bit guilty... anyways!!

Sree said...

and Priyanka would be glad if you leave a message on Evening Hour as well :) after you read it.

Sireesha said...

I read this book a couple of years ago. Yeah, they are good. But I don't remember them now except one or two.

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