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May 23, 2011

Urmila - Vasireddy Seetadevi

This is my second book of the author, Koti-Kobbarikaya was the first one and that book was an innovative attempt. I am told the author's books deal with a lot of prevailing social inequalities, burning issues and stuff like that and quite a few of her books are course material for students but could not actually get hold of many books so far.

The conversations between the characters is so realistic, it does happen all the time.. not just in a marriage between the highest order of the caste system and the lowest, any difference is magnified and that kind of becomes the sole reason to hate the other person or the clan. It is disturbing but in a strange way, we come to accept that as part of life. There are times when I am quite disturbed based on the caste factor, I really dont know the atrocities faced by the lower ranks but I do understand it must be horrible and to my horror there are times when I realize the difference and kind of am used to it, that used-to-ness is what bothers me no end.. I digress that is the point of another post, another day.

Urmila is about reservations, the caste barrier, the highly-charged emotions of people, the intercaste marriages, the social barriers, the human parasite tendency, the change with time and money, the fact that customs and stuff come only when the basic needs are taken care of. Kind of remembered the movie Balipeetham... Urmila is a strong individual, hailing from an educated highly placed SC background, stands up for a merit Brahmin boy, supports him in all possible ways to reach his dream of being a doctor going against the wishes of her family, burns herself at both the edges to see him meet the goals and finally is stranded once he gains the foothold... the caste for no fault of hers strikes and ruins her life twice over...

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