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Jun 30, 2011


I use google chrome as the primary browser and Mozilla as secondary; however, when I am trying to use it since morning the blogger is acting crazy.  There is an error message which says Error 400 on a plain white screen... eeeks!!  Any idea as towhat it is and how it can be avoided.  Please pour in suggestions.

DILEEP... where are you????

Looks like a Blogger bug, got rectified by itself... Lesson if there is a problem with the blog wait for a couple of days before its gets itself right before panicking!!

PS:  Thank you Sireesha, it was great catching up with you...

Jun 4, 2011

Done DanaDan Done... :).

Done....!!! The marathon is over finally, ends today.. yay!!!

Wanted to see through the end of the marathon and not just the target 26 books that Priyanka had set for this summer.  The count actually is 29-1/2, the half being "Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha" which is not a marathon read material.

I began and ended it with a Telugu book.  Of late, thanks to Flipkart, I have been catching up on my English reads.  It is going to take years to clear that backlog and maybe a marathon all-year-round would see me through it :).  Enjoyed every bit of reading as usual.

It is really tough, absolutely not easy, in fact it is not really possible unless you compromise on a lot of other activities that you normally do, maybe Priyanka should reduce the number next year.

The factors that helped me were that I do not cook, I have help to clean up the house, I work but was on a break for the most part thanks to mom :) and most importantly the kid has been an angel throughout.  She is into books, reading and scribbling too, so she is not really fussy when I hang around her with a book in my hand, she does sit with me at times turning pages for me as I read, ask me if it is over so she can flip the page, which can be annoying at times but that was good too for the most part, we kind of bonded over the books.. if board books were to be counted the kid does a marathon everyday ;).  She realizes that amma likes to read and gives me enough time and space to do so, all she needs is my presence around and she is playing on her own (touchwood).

The regular reads and the routine magazine reads did go for a toss :), not that I am complaining though.

Thank you very much Evening Hour and Priyanka Gontla for this.

Thanks Keerthi Cherukuri and Sudha Sonti for joining the marathon.  I know, how tough it is for Sudha out there, she had it the toughest of all and even those number of books that she read is a feat considering her responsibilities at home.  Thanks to Sireesha Avvari, for her lovely reviews as usual and I must accept that Sireesha is the one I look up to in terms of reading, bookworm to bookworm love :).. and she continues to inspire me to do a lot more things like listing out my reads :).. it is never too late isnt it?

I will continue reading marathon or not, like there is no tomorrow, will continue posting the reviews on the blog, will keep track of the books that I read, thanks Sireesha again, congrats on your 400th and I will keep the record from this year too :) and I take an oath to minimize the junk in the name of reading that I have been doing for a while.

Kotta Neeru, Mari konni Kadhalu - Vihaari

A collection of 15 highly thought provoking stories, basically a saga of middle class lives contemporarily, written between 2005 and 2007 bring us close to the reality, succeed in evoking a thought process, putting in words the thoughts that come across fleetingly...loved every single story rendo samudram, kotta neeru, eduraddaalu.

It is true that a short story is a national art form, depicts the social status at that point in time, is kind of immortal.

A good read.

Neeli Megham - Perumaandla Sreedevi Kadhalu

It is a collection of 10 simple stories.. very ordinary ones, very very simple read.. the narrative is simple and bland, we know how and what is going to be, nothing to look forward to, nothing gripping ultra smooth-flow. I must say this is the most blandest story collection I have ever read.

Jun 1, 2011

Sau Gram Zindagee

A good song, havent seen the movie, neither did I listen to the songs... stumbled on it accidentally... not too great lyrics.. just a thought and some music

Thodi si meethi hai, zaraa si mirchi hai
Sau graam zindagi yeh sambhaal ke kharchi hai..
Asli hai, jhooti hai..khaalish hai, farzi hai
Sau gram zindagi yeh sau gram zindagi yeh  sambhaal ke kharchi hai
Thodi si meethi hai
Zara si mirchi hai

Der tak ubaali hai...cup mein daali hai
Kadvi hai naseeb si... yeh coffee gaadhi kaali hai
Chammach bhar cheeni ho, itni si marzi hai
Sau gram zindagi yeh sau gram zindagi yeh sambhaal ke kharchi hai

Khari hai, khoti hai...rone ko chhoti hai
Dhaageyse khushiyonko silti hai, darzi hai
Sau gram zindagi yeh sau gram zindagi yeh...sambhaal ke kharchi hai
Thodi si meethi hai... Zaraa si mirchi hai

Life is good..
Life is wonderful..
Life is pain..Oh ye ye ye

It all part of that game
Life is love
It aint all good
That's the way.. oooh ye, ye, ye...

Sau gram zindagi 

‎(Ci)neethi Chandrika

Penned by Raavi Kondala Rao, a well-known movie artist, writer, stage actor, it is a collection of three parts as Cineethi chandrika, chitra laabhamu and chitra modamu written as a serial for Andhra Patrika weekly in 60s. The language and style is of that era... with good Telugu and written in a satirical way.

Neither an easy read nor simple language flow... you need to be inclined to read such pure language to admire the book.

Mugguru Budatalu - Baali Comic Strips

Comic strips by Baali, based on three kid characters.. Chandu (Prabha), Charani (Vanitha Jyothi now Andhrajyothi) and Abbugaadu (Andhrabhoomi). each strip has a story to tell.. Charani is based on his granddaughter where Baali has tried to recreate what girls that age think and do in a comic way. Chandu is 4-picture strip which bring about the naughty acts of Chandu and Abbugaadu finally is a boy with 4 hairs, the concept of which is based on the facts the author had read elsewhere about kids in general and tell them through a kid's character... a quick, easy, fun and good read.


Maatakaari is a translation of RK Narayan's Talkative Man

This was in May 2011 Chatura monthly, the translation by MV Ramana Reddy. Translation was good, read this in English, could not resist reading it in Telugu again. A story of Dr. Rann and the journalist, his sexual exploits, the way the journalist gets involved in everything.. it is an intriguing typical RKN style read, old world charm, the middle class mentality.

A realistic plot without oversensationalizing the topic, embedded in a comic framework as usual.. could visualize it with the Malgudi Days characters :).


It is a Sreepeetham Publication by Paripoornananda Saraswathi.

Aadhyaatmika spoorthito baatu bhaava paranatini pempondinche aadisankaraachaaryulu vaaru raasina Bhajagovindam 31 slokalu gurinchi vivarana.

It is an absolutely awesome book, a commentary on Bhajagovindam.. a spiritual rendition in the Golden voice of MSS is an integral part of my life and every day mornings, a wonderfully written piece explaining every single nuance of it, something that I fall in love with every time I listen to..

Manam unna sthitininchi oka unnata sthithini cheradaaniki modati mettu ani naa nammakam, that is the essence of the book.. love it, a great for spiritually inclined.

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