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Jun 1, 2011

‎(Ci)neethi Chandrika

Penned by Raavi Kondala Rao, a well-known movie artist, writer, stage actor, it is a collection of three parts as Cineethi chandrika, chitra laabhamu and chitra modamu written as a serial for Andhra Patrika weekly in 60s. The language and style is of that era... with good Telugu and written in a satirical way.

Neither an easy read nor simple language flow... you need to be inclined to read such pure language to admire the book.


Kranthi said...

You must have read "Poleramma Banda" by khadeer babu. U liked it???
( i dont know why all my comments here end up with a question :-) )

Sree said...

No, not yet, I have heard that it is a good collection by the author but chadavatam kudaraledu...eesari naa deggara unna pustakaalu chadivedaaka kottavi konakoodadu ani decide aipoyaa, some time soon maybe :).

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