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Jun 4, 2011

Done DanaDan Done... :).

Done....!!! The marathon is over finally, ends today.. yay!!!

Wanted to see through the end of the marathon and not just the target 26 books that Priyanka had set for this summer.  The count actually is 29-1/2, the half being "Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha" which is not a marathon read material.

I began and ended it with a Telugu book.  Of late, thanks to Flipkart, I have been catching up on my English reads.  It is going to take years to clear that backlog and maybe a marathon all-year-round would see me through it :).  Enjoyed every bit of reading as usual.

It is really tough, absolutely not easy, in fact it is not really possible unless you compromise on a lot of other activities that you normally do, maybe Priyanka should reduce the number next year.

The factors that helped me were that I do not cook, I have help to clean up the house, I work but was on a break for the most part thanks to mom :) and most importantly the kid has been an angel throughout.  She is into books, reading and scribbling too, so she is not really fussy when I hang around her with a book in my hand, she does sit with me at times turning pages for me as I read, ask me if it is over so she can flip the page, which can be annoying at times but that was good too for the most part, we kind of bonded over the books.. if board books were to be counted the kid does a marathon everyday ;).  She realizes that amma likes to read and gives me enough time and space to do so, all she needs is my presence around and she is playing on her own (touchwood).

The regular reads and the routine magazine reads did go for a toss :), not that I am complaining though.

Thank you very much Evening Hour and Priyanka Gontla for this.

Thanks Keerthi Cherukuri and Sudha Sonti for joining the marathon.  I know, how tough it is for Sudha out there, she had it the toughest of all and even those number of books that she read is a feat considering her responsibilities at home.  Thanks to Sireesha Avvari, for her lovely reviews as usual and I must accept that Sireesha is the one I look up to in terms of reading, bookworm to bookworm love :).. and she continues to inspire me to do a lot more things like listing out my reads :).. it is never too late isnt it?

I will continue reading marathon or not, like there is no tomorrow, will continue posting the reviews on the blog, will keep track of the books that I read, thanks Sireesha again, congrats on your 400th and I will keep the record from this year too :) and I take an oath to minimize the junk in the name of reading that I have been doing for a while.


Sireesha said...

Congratulations Sree. Great job. Yeah, it takes a few compromises when you want to go reading full-time. Sreya is such a cute baby! Hope to be a part of the next marathon .

Sandhya said...

Unfortunately, I could not participate in this, Sree. Had some commitments at work. A business trip, presentations etc took up my time. These may sound as excuses, but true.

A good job by all the participants. Kudos to all of you.

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