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Jun 30, 2011


I use google chrome as the primary browser and Mozilla as secondary; however, when I am trying to use it since morning the blogger is acting crazy.  There is an error message which says Error 400 on a plain white screen... eeeks!!  Any idea as towhat it is and how it can be avoided.  Please pour in suggestions.

DILEEP... where are you????

Looks like a Blogger bug, got rectified by itself... Lesson if there is a problem with the blog wait for a couple of days before its gets itself right before panicking!!

PS:  Thank you Sireesha, it was great catching up with you...


Sireesha said...

This might help you:

Sireesha said...

Cool! Guess it's not a first time the blogger had issues.
Anyways, always keen to help! Nice catching up with you too.

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