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Jul 30, 2011

Meghama Dehama

Another song in that mood....

Movie:  Manchu Pallaki.. HERE

Meghama dehamaa, meravakey ee kshanam
merisinaa kurisinaa karugu nee jeevanam -meghama-

merupulato paatu urumulugaa
danirisa ,rima danisa, danipagaa
moogaboye jeeva swaramuluga
vekuva jaamuna vennela marakalugaa
repati vaakita muggulugaa
smrutilo migile navvulugaa
vesavilo manchu pallakigaa - meghama-

penugaaliki pellichoopu
puvvu raalina velaa kalyaanam
andaaka aaraatam.. aasalato perantam
naakoka poomaala tevaali nuvvu
naakoka poomaala tevaali nuvvu
adi enduko!!! - meghama-


O Mahatma O Maharshi

Movie:  Aakali Rajyam
Singer:  SPB

This is one song that takes me to a trance each time I listen to it.  I close my eyes and go to another world altogether.. HERE

oh mahaatmaa....oh maharshi
yedi cheekati, yedi veluturu
yedi jeevitamedi mrutyuvu
yedi punyam, yedi papam
yedi narakam, yedi naakam
yedi satyam, yedasatyam
yedanityam, yedi nityam
yedi yekam, yedanekam
yedi kaaranamedi kaaryam -Oh Mahaatmaa-

yedi telupu, yedi nalupu
yedi gaanam, yedi mounam
yedi naadi, yedi needi
yedi neethi, yedi nethi
ninna swapnam neti satyam
neti khedam, repu raagam
oke kaanthi, oke santhi - Oh Maharshi-

One of the really really wonderful movies I have seen!  Written by Sri Sri... superb, cant just find superlatives to express the feeling.

Women, bold, brash, rash!!!!

Yesterday, I had some free time on hand when the kid recovering from fever, slept for a while, no jobs in the queue and the need to fight daytime sleep topping the list and happened to catch on with Open Heart with Renuka Chowdary, the firebrand lady politician who did and does things out of the box and unheard of to a normal typical Telugu lady...

Coincidentally, through a link shared by a friend on FB I figure out that her father had expired and she lit the pyre yesterday.  Inspiring and great, since she is a well-known person and hence paving a way for many ladies who would actually love to do that, way to go Renuka!!!

To me, Renuka means a first-class Nautanki and definitely a very bold lady!  I say Nautanki because when she  is not seriously fighting/arguing/thrashing someone she is doing just that, I find her facial expressions funny, her feeling shy a bit too odd for the image she tries to portray :).

I have heard anecdotes about her like her bike riding, the photos of her on a tractor, thrashing people, throwing stones and stuff like that and after that her association with women protection bill from domestic violence which came under much scrutiny, which has its own misusers but most certainly a large chunk of abused getting benefit from.  In fact, it is the only bill against such so it is really precious one and she being there for it adds a lot more!  I really have seen parents who kind of breathe a sigh of relief and thank that lady for her efforts and genuine cases have been helped quite a lot and the terror of that bill keeps many not to dare doing so.

Her pub bharo was something that is undigestable to me to an extent but I guess to be heard such things are needed.

I have come to realize of late that for a woman to enter politics there are a lot of things that she needs to face, the first and foremost criticism from the fellow-women who would call her forward and fast for setting politics ahead of the family.  In a man eat man world, for a woman to gain foothold is a task in itself and if she is able to do that, well she has something!!!

Jul 28, 2011


Awesomeness at its best!!  HERE

Lyrics by Suddala Ashok Teja... the lyrics mean what music actually means to me in a way!!!
Singer:  Pranavi

Movie: Amma Cheppindi

Maatalto swaraale shikaarukelte geetam
andamga nisabdam talonchukunte sangeetam!!
Sangeetamto cheste sneham, palikindalaa geetam - maatalto -

kaagitaalalo nidurapoye kammani maate
kaasta lemmani ilayaraajaa tune kadutunte
paatalle egiri raada... nee gunde gundaipodaa
Sangeetamto cheste sneham, hrudyaram layale geetam -maatalto-

goru muddalo kalipi pette gaaramoka paata
paatasaalalo modata nerpe paathamoka paata
ooyalani oopunu paate, devudini nerpunu paate
sangeetamto cheste sneham, bratukanta o geetam - maatalto-

Ammagaa korukuntunnaa..

My most favorite birthday song!!!


Ammaga korukuntunna korike padukuntunna, ammaga korukuntunna korike padukuntunna
noorellu jarapalani nuvu puttinaa rojuni
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday chinni kanna, happy birthday to you

Kalatalerugani lokamlo, kaalamaagipote
vannetaggani chandrudilaa nuvvu velugutunte
pratee nela oke kalaa nee paala navvuto
taarale neeku aakshinthalai, talli devenalu haratulai, noorellu jarapaalani nuvvu puttinaa rojuni
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday chinni kanna.. happy birthday to you

Yeduru chudani kanukale daachi unchenura, malupu malupulo jeevitame, neeku icchenura
nuvve kada ee ammaki oka pedda kanuka
neeku emivvagalananta nenu aasinchadam tappa, noorellu jarapalani nuvvu puttina rojuni

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday chinni kanna..happy birthday to you!!

Evaremainaa ananee vinaku

Movie:  Amma Cheppindi
Singer:  Bombay JayaSree

awesome lyrics by ShivaSakti Dutta


Evaremainaa ananee
nuvveraa amma kannula velugu

Endallo vaanallo, nenegaa nee godugu
choostundee lokam mecchi nuvu vese prati adugu ..aha, aa...

padi talalunnaa.. emiti laabham, talapulu raakshasamaite
pai maataloto.. panemundiraa, nuvve raamunivaite
tuduchukoraa kannellanee, cheruputaayee nee navvuni
diddukoraa ee maatanee, neeku nuvve, saati anee.. hmmm..

ento dooram egaraledugaa tana rekkalato aa pakshi
chukkala daaka, edugutaaduraa asalegaraleni ee manishi
amma paina nee nammakam, niluputundi ninnepudo
andarani antettunaa, ambaraana, dhruva taaragaa... aaa.. uuu..

It is good sometimes not here so very soft and melodious voices but those which suit the character and the mood but something that touches your heart, it is one of those songs.. Keeravani renders some heart-touching music as usual!

Amma Cheppindi

This is one movie I so love to watch, different from the routine.  The first time I went to see it in a theater with Caps and remember crying all the way back home with a very embarrassed Caps :) and from there on each time I see the movie I cry loads, know the story line very well, even each and every dialogue, know what to expect but just still!!!

When someone asks why watch the movie when you cry so much, my logic.  It is a shame not to watch those wonderful performances when it is being aired for free ;).. that crazy I am for the movie.  The songs are too good too :).

Movie:  Amma Cheppindi... HERE

promise chesthunna forget them all, nuvve naa boyfriend nene nee girl..
lets go on a date and party all night long...uhmmm!!

vasthaavaa naato somewhere daakaa, vuntaavaa naato sometime daakaa..
ee bhoomi gundramani inkosaari telise daakaa

toorpuki potoopotoo unte padamara vasthundee...understood?..understood..understood!!
kindaki diguthoo diguthoo unte uttaram vasthundee.. understood.. upperstood!!

kashtaalu eeduthunte sukhatheeraalu cherukuntaam, aunantaavaa kaadantaavaa
east or west you are the best.. i am very happy happy.  Vastaale neeto anywhere daakaa
vuntaale neeto anytime daakaa..letayyindanee nidrapommani amma nanne pilichedaakaa

needaga ontaritaname neeto untunte..neekkoodaa friend unnatte..
nee friende naa friend aithe, nuvvu nenu friendsegaa..everyday.. friendship day!!

gadiyaaram mullu laaga chutti veddaamu kaalamantaa..
aagakaa, alavakaa

east or west you are the best..i am very sleepy sleepy..
vasthaale neeto...uhhm..hhmmm. 

Jul 12, 2011


One thing I really dont like is mispronouncing a person's name, especially more so if it comes to my name.. Vani happens to be a part of my very lengthy name and when people call it as వాని, I cringe. వాణి , I  correct it instantly and feel relieved that I thankfully have another to fall back on.  In fact, thanks to that, I dont really tell anyone this part of the name.  Somehow, I feel like someone is pinching me :).. guess it is a quirk but it is a fact.

When I was searching for kid's name, I was pretty much sure it had to be Sreya and Rishi/Sourya, girl and boy names respectively.  I thought I was very clever in picking a name that cant be mispronounced and not complicated but I guess the fate has a last laugh when people end up calling her "Shhreya".. and I am like red, blue, black all over and the kid doesnt even have a fall back name or maybe she will grow up to be less quirkier than me in that aspect.  She prefers Siya all the time and refers her as same, so I guess it should be fine.. it will be, i will be fine accepting it as well,.. aaaarrghh... this damn self-hypnotizing thing is not working :).

When someone points out to correct me that the spelling is Shreya and they know a lot of them with that spelling... let me clear it to you it is Sreya as in melika sa, శ్రీ and not ష్రీ as in Sree and Srinivas, am I drilling my point right or do I need to be more specific...phew, me and my quirks!!!!

PS:  Edited to Add, she is not named after SRIYA, the actress... and yeah again, her name is S-R-I-Y-A and not S-R-E-Y-A pronounced as in Sr-ae-ya, which is how the kid should be called!!

Shaayaraana si hai

shaayaraanaa si hai, jindagee ki phajaa, aap bhi jindagee kaa majaa leejiye -3-
mein gajhal ban gayee aap ke saamane, shauk se ab mujhe gunagunaa leejiye

aap sunto rahe hai, mere dil ki lie, is mein benaamsi ek udaasee bhi hain
is udaasee mein naghmaa koyi chhedkar, ek bechain dilkee duwaa leejiye - Shaayaraanasi-

aap ke pyaarkaa jo bhi meyaar hain, isse kab jaanejaa mujhko inkaar hain
jis tarhaa aap chaahe, nazar aaoo mein, mujhko har rang mein aazmaa leejiye


I guess, I should stop a while and just get into the feel of it all :)... it is beautiful outside, cool breeze, a cute daughter and the songs that I love, can I ask for anything more!

Dil Detaa hai

... and like they say yeh dil maange more, cant just stop at one when it comes to PTKY :).. my all time favorite music album.. so here is for more..

Dil detaa hain roro duhaayi
kisise koi pyaar naa kare
badi mehengi padegi judaayi kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Koyi samjhe kiseeko naa apnaa
jhootaa niklegaa jeewanka sapnaa
Gaav Gaav pukaare shahnaayi, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Sej Pe baite roye sajaniyaa
Bhaagaye Saajnaako soutaniyaan
Haay niklaa balam harjaaye, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Pyaarne kucchto paagal banaayaa
aur kucch jindagee ne bhi sataayaa
Khoob apane huyi jag hasaayi, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare...

... takes me into a trance this album I tell you.

Aanewaala kal...

In that mood, I listen to yet another favorite of mine...

Aanewaala pal from Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayi

aane waalaa kal ek sapnaa hai, guzraa huaa kal bas ek apanaa hai
ham guzre kal mein rahte hain, yaadon ke sab jugnoo jangal mein rehte hain -aanewaala kal-

daaman see sakte hai jo jakhmonko seena jaante ho
jeena unkaa jeena hai, jo yaadon mein jeena jaante ho
jin taaronko raaton mein uth uthke gagan mein dhoondh teho
jin kaliyonko phoolonko jaa jaake chaman mein dhoondh teho
woh phool, woh kaliyaan, woh taare aanchal mein rahte hai
hum pyaar ki bijl lekar baadal mein rahte hai  -aanewala kal-

mere tanman ke armaan apne tanmanse poochho
inakii chunchun kaa matalab dilki dhadakan se poochho
duniyaa saare zamane lele daulat lele khazaane lele
loot sakena jisko zamaanaa hamko ekpal aisaa dede
pyaa ke rangin mausam sab jis pal mein rahte hain
waqt ke sachche nagmein jis pal mein rahte hain  -aane vaalaa kal- 

Check it out HERE

Kuch to log kahenge..

There is music in every mode of life, a lyric for everything, a soothing note for every occasion to get you through it. What will I be without music.. well, still about the same, surviving but not actually living maybe :).

Movie: Aradhana

kuchh to log kahenge, logon kaa kaam hain kehna
chhodo bekaar ki baato mein kahi beet najaaye raina - kuch -

kuchh reet jagat ki aisi hai, har ek subah kee shaam huyee
tu kaun hai, tera naam hain kya, sitaa bhi yahaa badanaam huyee
Phir kyon sansaar ki baatonse bheeg gaye tere nainaa - kuch -

hamko jo taane dete hai, ham khoye hain in rangraliyo mein
hamne unko bhi chhup chhup ke aate dekha in galiyon mein
yeh sach hain jhuthi baat nahee tum bolo yeh sach hain naa - kuch -

Awesome song!!!


Of late, over years the one vital thing that I have to realize the point that people will TALK... just dont get it through the head.  When you know you are right, when you are sure you are not causing any harm to any other individual, just go ahead with it.  But each time, I stretch my boundaries of tolerance, people seem to stretch it a bit too far.. I just feel like screaming at rooftops just to shut the f&^9 up and get to hell, yes, I am fuming, not just frustrated and plain disgusted.

When I now hum the song kuch to log kahenge, logon kaa kaam hai kehna... there is a smile on my face and when someone goes you have to realize what you are doing, you have a daughter, remember a daughter not a son, you need to do this, this and this for her and not do what are you are doing right now, you need to bend backwards make things work, you are responsible for making her world rosy, bhlah..bhlaah... bow, bow, bow, the song always playing in the backdrop in my mind where I am just not listening any longer, cut off from the conversation and even smiling to myself deep inside.  I have come to realize, no point showing it outwards and invite further more wrath!!

Call it arrogance, recklessness whatever I really dont care.  I want to be me to be able to live and when I am not my very own self, why the hell are the peripherals needed in the first place.  I do not want to grudge anything on her later at any point in my life and say I did this for you.  No, I wont do anything for her, it is only for me that I doing all this, plain and simple.  When I say I love her, I like the feeling that I love her and so I love her and this is in no way a favor for her, it is for myself that I love her PERIOD.

Jul 11, 2011

In Your Prayers Please

There are a few people you just connect to without actually seeing them, wish them luck, cry with them, feel happy for them, hope for them, dream with them and be with them through their writings.. Minal is one such cutie pie, I love her posts, had been following her blog for quite some time, love her candidness, was just rejoicing the fact of her pregnancy, was on cloud 9 with her and for her and through her posts was kind of reliving my own days.. and then suddenly, something changes, too much of uncertainty, too much of helplessness.. sending in a quick prayer, join me in doing so....... and jr. just HANG On.. do you hear me??????  Stay there!

Jul 9, 2011

Movies, Leading Ladies.. Late 70s and 80s - My take 2

After that golden oldie era comes the era of beautiful ladies.  I remember them a lot for their roles in the movies that I so love to watch.  The Eastman color, the weird nest type of hairstyles everything has a charm attached to it.

Jayanthi - Love this lady for her voice, different style of acting, can recognize that signature voice anywhere any time :).

Lakshmi - The lady from Julie, again with a distinct voice of her.  I kind of felt that she filled the gap that Jamuna has left for those brattish kind of roles.

Jaya Sudha - God, she is like old wine, gets better with each other.  I love her ease of acting, the naturality, not subtlety really, the dialogue delivery and it is actually surprising that she renders those long and bhaari bhadkam dialogues in Telugu not able to read the script.  I love watching all of her movies.  I have heard a lot about her personal tough times in a relationship and am really in awe of how she moulded her life, the way she reached out to prisoners in jail, the way she got into politics, the way she replies candidly, that truth in her, that refreshing purity everything plain amazes me.  Of her movies, there is not just one I can list out as an example but Idi Kadha Kadu has impressed me so much that I drop everything to watch it any time.

Jaya Prada - An amazingly natural beauty.  In some movies like Sagara Sangamam, Tohfa, I cant really get enough of her, very traditional looking in a saree and long braided hair with that mole on the lips and that nose... aww.. no words!!  Her antuleni Kada, siri siri muvva, sagara sangamam are evergreen in my list.. Puttadi bomma in true sense.  Though I hate her now in Jayapradam and often end up wondering how can one actually ruin that kind of a beauty with those crazy hairstyles and dressing that does not suit her bearing.  Politics and continuous roaming is taking its toll but still she is not helping with dressing and makeup either!

Sreedevi - she is an ugly duckling turned to a swan, graduated from a child artist, to an average looker to a stunning beauty.  She is a great performer but unfortunately that is masked by her beauty and sensuality but given a chance she has that mettle to prove herself.  I love the grace with which she dances, those belly movements are awesome.  The child like voice gets irritating at times, but again that is her trademark.  To me Vasanta Kokila is THE movie of hers!!

Sujatha - I love her voice again, her efforts at Telugu despite being from Kerala and the adaptability with which she took to the Telugu movies and stories is really great.  I really like that special smile of hers, that mole on her cheek and if you notice her eyes have this peculiar quality, they seem to be full of water all the time, watery eyes be it smile, sadness or just like that.

Poornima - She is that typical girl next door, not a great beauty but really nice to look at.. Srivaariki prema lekha and raani raanamma song are etched in my memory forever.

Suhasini - She is yet another performer that I love so much, used to be a great fan of hers at one point. Love the selection of her movies and her performances in them.. Sindhu Bhairavi, Sirivennela, Amma, Amma Cheppindi, Leader.. she is ageing graciously too :).

Radha - The glamour star of those days, never really like her performances but was a great dancer, must say she looks a lot lot better than her daughter even with that weight and all :).

Rajani - Raallo isakallo raasamu iddari perlu and that song brings a smile on my face, she was a tender performer. :).

Radhika - Another awesome lady that I love onscreen and off screen, very bold, very active, really bubbly, outspoken, great person in general.  Love her for that care-a-damn attitude of hers and at that same time, I have not seen a more cheerful person than her, each time she is on the screen she steals the show and by this I mean in an interview or a gathering kind of a thing and not the movie and acting too she does it with an ease that is so typical of her.  Swati Muthyam is a gem :).

Revathi - An actress that I really really love for performance.  Prema, Gaayam, Mouna Ragam whatever be the movie she just brings her own charm to it.  Not a looker but a great performer.  Any time any day Mouna Ragam for me.. remember that raa raa rey munda.. hilarious!!!

Bhanu Priya - Those big eyes, the dances, she has a different place in my heart :).  Swarna Kamalam evergreen again!

These are the few I remember as I type :)... more later!

Jul 8, 2011

Movies, Ladies, The Golden Oldies My Take - 1

My love for movies is so very evident in what all I do.  In fact, I must admit that a lot of my knowledge comes through movies or let me put it this way and I will not be exaggerating if I would say that I learnt more about life and livelihood through movies than what my text book syllabus taught me.  I totally agree with what Chandu, another movie buff like me says HERE.

Movies and me are kind of too mixed up, I love them, I hate them, I learn from them, I curse them but I wont stop watching them :).  Cinema any-time types!!!

I have done my movie raving a lot of times earlier, I used to be so active in that Movies, Masti Blog back in US which kind of showed what I did on my L2 days without a job waiting for the EAD :), movies and books which played a vital role in keeping me sane.

Done with the heroes, I plan to do my take on heroines, the list again which is very exhaustive.  As usual, no one has really asked me to comment on them but then me being me got to do it right!!

Contrary to the overtly dramatic heroes of yester-years heroines for the most part have been natural though their role has come to be of prop dolls of late, the golden oldies made a huge difference in the movies back then.  The heroine was as integral part to the movie as was the hero the back bone of the movie.  By the time my interest in movies started the contemporaries were Sridevi, Radha, Radhika, Rajani but my love for the heroine figure began with the unmatched Savithri :)

Savitri - A natural, fat, thin, make-up, no make-up, whatever role she did, it is tough to separate her from it.  Ammai garu in Mooga Manasulu, Miss Mary in Missamma, Bullemma in Gundamma Kadha, Madhura Vani in Kanyasulkam and how can I forget my all time favorite song.. aha naa pelli anta and her acting in the movie Maya Bazaar amazing, mesmerizing and evergreen actress.  Sensational on screen and off screen, a reigning queen whose life is a lesson for many. I simply adore her and she is truly the screen goddess of all times and my love for her is unmatched.

Jamuna - I remember her for all those arrogant brat roles she does and her songs with Harnath are my all time favorite listed songs :).

Krishna Kumari - I did not find her beautiful but she was apt for the roles she did, do not specifically remember which was which though.

B. Saroja - She was a beauty :), roles-wise I cant really say much as I dont really remember :).

Vani Sree - Supposed to be a fashion icon at one time, she is one actress who belongs to the dramatic breed :).  Earlier movies, she was too good, black and white days but later on I hated that grease paint on her face and that fighting pitch of voice though I admire her energy.

Sarada - Very strong essaying of roles given to her.. as a lady who ruins here life in Balipeetham, her role in Manushulu maarali left an impact on me for quite some time.  She has a dignity about her bearing which I loved and Aw, I was so awestuck by the fights she did as a police officer back then, pre-vijayashanti days and those fiery lawyer roles and all :).

Bhanumati - Earlier, I used to hate her so much really that voice and all, it kind of used to be irritating and I really wonder how that has transformed into admiration it took a lot of time yes, but eventually I really came to admire her performances, even the songs and I feel no one else could have sung them so well.. like in Malleeswari.  Arrogance is one word that one gets to see and feel when you see her on screen and I guess that is what I began to love about her, that extreme level of confidence and care-a-damn attitude.

Any day, any time I would love to watch a movie of those days.  If it were to rain and me to be alone in a place surrounded by greenery and big wall to wall windows with something hot to sip on and a huuge plasma monitor on the wall playing one of their movies, will I be far from heaven?? Nope!

Movies, Heroes, Me - 2

After the first attempt at this HERE a while ago, I have come to realize that there were so many that I missed in the flow and had been meaning to do one for quite some time now.

Sumanth - Another intense performer from the ANR clan.  Good eye for script, great performance, a right mix of dramatics and subtlety.

Nani - Technically a genius, good observer, great performer, has an eye for great scripts, shows in the variety of roles he has proved himself in.. Ashta Chamma, Bheemli Kabaddi, Alaa modalayyindi, loved all of them, each a class apart from each other, yet entertaining the same.  Will surely watch out for this power-packed performer.

Sarvanand - Another intense performer with obvious love for the cinema, to do something, to carve a niche for himself.  The one movie which makes me cry loads and loads each time I even think of it is Amma Cheppindi.  In Vennela, he irritated me the best but that was what his role was supposed to be, so no complaints! Gamyam took it a step ahead, Prasthaanam was top class.  Will surely watch out for his next release.

Krishnudu - Has a niche carved for himself through roles and movies created for himself.  Love Vinayakudu, Village lo Vinayakudu, Pappu was good too.  He potraying himself in Yem Maya Chesave there is some natural acting in him which I guess might get redundant over a period of time but so far so good.

Vishnu - Dhee, mind blowingly hilarious as Babloo, that height, those dimpled looks... another looker from Manchu clan.  Need to choose movies wisely, Saleem has put me off not only him but also movies for a while and that is on a serious note!  I personally liked him better before that Somalian look he presents with now.

Varun Sandesh - eeks, yikes, geeezzz, what the hell is he doing in the name of Happy Days and Kotta Bangaaru Lokam.. I did not really like him in Happy Days even though he was the hero, KBL was okay considering the pairing but the next few releases are best forgotten and I am yet to come out of the Yemaindi ee vaela head reeling.

Kalyan Ram - Liked him for his Atanokkade movie, rest all have reeked of Nandamuri self-dabba types, too much of drama, too less of logic stuff.

I guess I am done with it for now :).

Jul 6, 2011

Prema - Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao

Supposed to be the 70th novel of this sensational author, this comes across as a typical SRR book with a commercial and non-realistic story line with new technology and words thrown in here and there for the impact, typical author style, it is a very average read.

Nishant decides to build a hotel in suborbs of Goa and wants to make it a tourist location but the locals are very much against it as they feel that it would disturb the peace of the place and take away the livelihood.  Varshini, who has some household difficulties, a widowed mother and elder sister and a family to run, has to take up the job with him against the local's wish and as expected both of them fall in love but they do not reveal it to each other and how everyone else but they themselves are certain about this and try their best to get them separated forms the basic story.

Just about a very average read, sloppy writing.. seemed to be rushed out.

Subhodayam - author ???

Since I happen to most of my Telugu reads from the local library, it so happens that I end up getting books with no beginning, ending at times if it is not me who is renting it.  I make sure to tell the librarian to not send me those books when I send someone else to pick and drop the books but still she forgets it most of the times and so do the children.

One such read happens to be Subhodayam, which is there from page 1 till end but the cover page, author  nothing that I know of.

so, if anyone happens to know who wrote it, please do let me know

The story is of a lady Radha Devi a very beautiful lady who is a single parent with a very abnormally dark-complexioned and not at all good looking son.  She brings up the kid with good values; however, the college going son Syam is insulted by the students and friends and that kind of makes him feel inferior, especially so when the girl he happens to adore, Rekha, does that.  Turn of events lead Syam to rescue Rekha from some rowdies who tease her and bring her to his home.  Inspite of warnings from Radha to inform her parents and be cautious, the very next day the girl is found on the roads, raped and semi-comatose and coming to know of this news Syam and his mother rush to the hospital to reassure the girl.  Fate has it that the girl turns out to be the daughter of Syam's estranged father from a different mother.  Flashback reveals that Radha and Madhav have a love marriage but are separated when she gets raped and to add to that, Radha becomes pregnant.  Madhav totally refuses to come to terms with the fact that she was a victim and instead of being there to support her gets back into a shell.  He does not actually leave her because he thinks of what society would think but personally unable to come to terms gets distant from her.  Also, forces her to abort as he was certain the kid was not his, but seeing his emotional withdrawal Radha decides to go ahead with the pregnancy in spite of all odds hoping that there is a chance that it is their baby but one look at the baby the hopes are shattered but she could not leave the kid on the roads and decides to bring him up.  The husband in their own house without her knowledge gets into an affair with their landlord's innocent, semi-mad daughter and gets her pregnant.  When Radha and the landlady realize this, Radha gets them both married and brings up the child as a single parent away from the mess.

this man suddenly resurfaces and accuses Radha of taking a revenge on her by getting his daughter raped but with active involvement and help of the mother and son, police find the actual culprits.

The story ends somewhat rebelliously where the protagonist gets her son married to the victim Rekha, her ex-husband's daughter, though they are half-brother and sister in a way because technically they are born to different parents and not each other!!!!!

There were some real good points in the analysis and the way Radha comes to a conclusion with the choices in front of her but overall it is just an okay and not-really acceptable kind of a story line even to a rebel like me.

Any faint idea of who this author could be if you happen to read this??

Maharnavam - Sreevalli Radhika. T

Yet another amazing collection of stories by the author.  I love her writing style which is simple yet touching, the logic behind the stories, the explanation and everything.  She is one author who is just like me.  If I were to write, this is how I would  is what I feel when I read her books.  Parishkaaram is another series that I read of her which I fell in love with instantly.

A great read!

Kadali Anchuna - Devineni Usha

Another woman power book based in the backdrop of a village.  The rise and fall of the heroine and how she gets her life on track and overcomes difficulties.  Coming from a rich family who gradually got poor due to loss in contracts and stuff and being of a very soft and understanding mentality the protagonist bows to her circumstances and a very jealous elder sister who spoils all the proper wedding chances because she wants to be better placed than the beautiful younger sister and gets married to a govt. teacher, a son who fails from a family with a dominating mother and a sister along with two brothers and a father who is a dummy.  The mother and sister run the show and alienate the new entrant and how she faces problems as an outsider in the family she so wants to own up, unable to understand the tricky politics of the MIL and SIL and further devastated by the stand the husband takes, the story runs around how the son ruins his life by resigning the job, leaving the wife and his 2 sons and leaving the village.  The death of her parents leaves her no place to go and how one of her ex-suitors, a benefactor through her parents comes to her rescue, and how the couple helps her to get her a good life by starting a school on her name and how the husband comes back to reclaim it all once again she falls a prey to his tactics only to get back to square one but this time around things CHANGE!!

An okay read though I do not like the ending and agree with it!

Kaalam Kalipina Manushulu - Jonnalagadda Lalita Devi

A light fiction read by the author.  The story revolves around the hero and the heroine who meet at a common friend's place.  Hero the brother's friend of the girl who is a sister's friend near vijayawada, they meet fall in love to pursue their education with promise to get married soon.  He to pursue his medicine she to complete her degree.  They meet once in a while when he comes down exclusively for her but due to some changes in residence and inability to get messages to each other their ways are parted thanks to the hero's mother playing games with both of them.  She has to bow down to marry another guy of parents choice who turns out to be a cheater and she takes a grip on her life and restarts her education pursuing medicine in turn of events becomes a doctor, gets divorced by the husband and gets posted in the same place as the hero and all is well when both of them start their life together again after a long pause and live happily ever after.

I guess this is the first time I tried to summarize a story rather than simply comment on it. It is an easy read, old world writing style.. time pass book!

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