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Jul 12, 2011

Aanewaala kal...

In that mood, I listen to yet another favorite of mine...

Aanewaala pal from Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayi

aane waalaa kal ek sapnaa hai, guzraa huaa kal bas ek apanaa hai
ham guzre kal mein rahte hain, yaadon ke sab jugnoo jangal mein rehte hain -aanewaala kal-

daaman see sakte hai jo jakhmonko seena jaante ho
jeena unkaa jeena hai, jo yaadon mein jeena jaante ho
jin taaronko raaton mein uth uthke gagan mein dhoondh teho
jin kaliyonko phoolonko jaa jaake chaman mein dhoondh teho
woh phool, woh kaliyaan, woh taare aanchal mein rahte hai
hum pyaar ki bijl lekar baadal mein rahte hai  -aanewala kal-

mere tanman ke armaan apne tanmanse poochho
inakii chunchun kaa matalab dilki dhadakan se poochho
duniyaa saare zamane lele daulat lele khazaane lele
loot sakena jisko zamaanaa hamko ekpal aisaa dede
pyaa ke rangin mausam sab jis pal mein rahte hain
waqt ke sachche nagmein jis pal mein rahte hain  -aane vaalaa kal- 

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