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Jul 28, 2011

Amma Cheppindi

This is one movie I so love to watch, different from the routine.  The first time I went to see it in a theater with Caps and remember crying all the way back home with a very embarrassed Caps :) and from there on each time I see the movie I cry loads, know the story line very well, even each and every dialogue, know what to expect but just still!!!

When someone asks why watch the movie when you cry so much, my logic.  It is a shame not to watch those wonderful performances when it is being aired for free ;).. that crazy I am for the movie.  The songs are too good too :).

Movie:  Amma Cheppindi... HERE

promise chesthunna forget them all, nuvve naa boyfriend nene nee girl..
lets go on a date and party all night long...uhmmm!!

vasthaavaa naato somewhere daakaa, vuntaavaa naato sometime daakaa..
ee bhoomi gundramani inkosaari telise daakaa

toorpuki potoopotoo unte padamara vasthundee...understood?..understood..understood!!
kindaki diguthoo diguthoo unte uttaram vasthundee.. understood.. upperstood!!

kashtaalu eeduthunte sukhatheeraalu cherukuntaam, aunantaavaa kaadantaavaa
east or west you are the best.. i am very happy happy.  Vastaale neeto anywhere daakaa
vuntaale neeto anytime daakaa..letayyindanee nidrapommani amma nanne pilichedaakaa

needaga ontaritaname neeto untunte..neekkoodaa friend unnatte..
nee friende naa friend aithe, nuvvu nenu friendsegaa..everyday.. friendship day!!

gadiyaaram mullu laaga chutti veddaamu kaalamantaa..
aagakaa, alavakaa

east or west you are the best..i am very sleepy sleepy..
vasthaale neeto...uhhm..hhmmm. 

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