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Jul 12, 2011

Dil Detaa hai

... and like they say yeh dil maange more, cant just stop at one when it comes to PTKY :).. my all time favorite music album.. so here is for more..

Dil detaa hain roro duhaayi
kisise koi pyaar naa kare
badi mehengi padegi judaayi kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Koyi samjhe kiseeko naa apnaa
jhootaa niklegaa jeewanka sapnaa
Gaav Gaav pukaare shahnaayi, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Sej Pe baite roye sajaniyaa
Bhaagaye Saajnaako soutaniyaan
Haay niklaa balam harjaaye, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare

Pyaarne kucchto paagal banaayaa
aur kucch jindagee ne bhi sataayaa
Khoob apane huyi jag hasaayi, kisise koyi pyaar naa kare...

... takes me into a trance this album I tell you.

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