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Jul 28, 2011

Evaremainaa ananee vinaku

Movie:  Amma Cheppindi
Singer:  Bombay JayaSree

awesome lyrics by ShivaSakti Dutta


Evaremainaa ananee
nuvveraa amma kannula velugu

Endallo vaanallo, nenegaa nee godugu
choostundee lokam mecchi nuvu vese prati adugu ..aha, aa...

padi talalunnaa.. emiti laabham, talapulu raakshasamaite
pai maataloto.. panemundiraa, nuvve raamunivaite
tuduchukoraa kannellanee, cheruputaayee nee navvuni
diddukoraa ee maatanee, neeku nuvve, saati anee.. hmmm..

ento dooram egaraledugaa tana rekkalato aa pakshi
chukkala daaka, edugutaaduraa asalegaraleni ee manishi
amma paina nee nammakam, niluputundi ninnepudo
andarani antettunaa, ambaraana, dhruva taaragaa... aaa.. uuu..

It is good sometimes not here so very soft and melodious voices but those which suit the character and the mood but something that touches your heart, it is one of those songs.. Keeravani renders some heart-touching music as usual!

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