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Jul 6, 2011

Kaalam Kalipina Manushulu - Jonnalagadda Lalita Devi

A light fiction read by the author.  The story revolves around the hero and the heroine who meet at a common friend's place.  Hero the brother's friend of the girl who is a sister's friend near vijayawada, they meet fall in love to pursue their education with promise to get married soon.  He to pursue his medicine she to complete her degree.  They meet once in a while when he comes down exclusively for her but due to some changes in residence and inability to get messages to each other their ways are parted thanks to the hero's mother playing games with both of them.  She has to bow down to marry another guy of parents choice who turns out to be a cheater and she takes a grip on her life and restarts her education pursuing medicine in turn of events becomes a doctor, gets divorced by the husband and gets posted in the same place as the hero and all is well when both of them start their life together again after a long pause and live happily ever after.

I guess this is the first time I tried to summarize a story rather than simply comment on it. It is an easy read, old world writing style.. time pass book!


Sireesha said...

Don't summarizing the stories mean that the readers will lose interest in reading the book?
Speaking of myself, I don't like to know the story before I embark on a book.
If at all I read a summary, I make sure that it's a book that I never want to read. :-)
No offense. It's just my style.

You seem to be on a reading spree and I really appreciate your patience and interesting in creating blogposts on them.

Sree said...

it was an attempt :). You know I was stressed out and this is a way of de-stressing for me, reading I mean!

In a way yes, but if you notice I am only summarizing stories of books you most likely wont be finding anywhere else, lesser known authors, really really old stuff from library. others, I just breeze through.

Sireesha said...

Ha ha! I got your point. Go on! This is fun.

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